Towards Overall Wellbeing

The roots of Kotilääkäri ( = home doctor) extend back more than 100 years as a trusted health magazine. For Kotilääkäri readers, the most important thing is their own well-being and that of their loved ones, overall health. They want to be riding the wave of the latest health trends and treatments. Kotilääkäri also provides everyday psychological information from human relations to self-development and stress management, as well as touching survival stories. Kotilääkäri readers are diversely active women, who are also interested in men’s health. Healthy cooking, interior décor, clothes and beauty are the elements of high-quality life for them. They appreciate news, quality, responsibility and ethics, and also choose products and services from an ecological point of view.

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  • Readers 120 000
  • Encounter contacts * 216 000
  • Reading time (min) 59

Source: KMT AL + total 2017, Kantar TNS Oy.

* Encounter contacts = Number of eye contacts received by an average page of the magazine (the figure takes into account how many times the readers re-read the magazine and how large a portion of the magazine they read).


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Source: KMT AL + total 2017, Kantar TNS Oy.


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