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MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Anna14.1.202314.12.202221.12.2022A lighter approach to the new year! Weight control and nutrition. Feel-good recipes.
Anna211.1.202320.12.202228.12.2022The best products for winter skin care. Gentle exercise.
Anna318.1.202328.12.20224.1.2023Hair trends 2023. Trusted hair care products.
Anna425.1.20234.1.202312.1.2023Savoury baking: breads, rolls and pies. Hormonal changes and treatment of symptoms as a health theme.
Anna51.2.202312.1.202319.1.2023Simmering delicacies: winter stews. Spring book news.
Anna68.2.202319.1.202326.1.2023The interior decoration extra: liven up the kitchen. Serums as a beauty theme.
Anna715.2.202326.1.20232.2.2023A new flow for everyday life! Exercise and versatile everyday food. Menopause as a health theme.
Anna822.2.20232.2.20239.2.2023The big spring fashion issue. Lovely accessories. Night creams as a beauty theme.
Anna91.3.20239.2.202316.2.2023Dreaming about the sun: inspiration for vacations this coming summer. Body care as a beauty theme.
Anna108.3.202316.2.202323.2.2023The hair extra: home dyes, styling and care products. A healthy stomach.
Anna1115.3.202323.2.20232.3.2023The great jacket competition! The best spring jackets for every body type. The best of supermarket cosmetics.
Anna1222.3.20232.3.20239.3.2023The baking extra: wonderful cakes and buns. Green plants as the decoration theme.
Anna1329.3.20239.3.202316.3.2023Easter menu and the best wines. Well-being for the bones.
Anna14-155.4.202316.3.202323.3.2023Easter double issue. Spring city vacations. Pharmacy cosmetics.
Anna1619.4.202328.3.20234.4.2023Outdoor clothing and exercise. Testing new mascaras.
Anna1726.4.20234.4.202313.4.2023The fashion theme is sustainable choices: bags and shoes. Spring party sparkling wines.
Anna183.5.202312.4.202319.4.2023Spring beauty extra: make your face glow! Creams and other care products. Attractive new fragrances.
Anna1910.5.202319.4.202326.4.2023Sweet and savoury treats for spring and summer parties. Yards and balconies as the decorating theme.
Anna2017.5.202326.4.20234.5.2023The great summer fashion issue! The return of classic style. Summer dresses and accessories.
Anna2124.5.20233.5.202310.5.2023Outdoor clothing and equipment, e.g. golf. Sunscreens and self-tanners.
Anna2231.5.202310.5.202317.5.2023Swimwear for every body type. Headache as a health theme.
Anna237.6.202317.5.202325.5.2023Local domestic travel. Stomach well-being. Exfoliating creams tested.
Anna2414.6.202325.5.20231.6.2023Reading extra: the summer’s new books and editor choices. Decorating ideas for the summer home.
Anna25-2621.6.20231.6.20238.6.2023Midsummer double issue: grilled delicacies and drinks to go with them. Increase sexual pleasure. The summer home series of the week begins.
Anna275.7.202314.6.202321.6.2023Housing fair, part 1. The most functional space solutions, colours, and materials. The choices of interior design professionals. Cottage cosmetics.
Anna2812.7.202322.6.202329.6.2023Housing fair, part 2. The fair’s most inspiring sites and residents’ insights. Summer fish dishes.
Anna2919.7.202329.6.20236.7.2023Summer baking extra: sweet and fresh treats.
Anna3026.7.20236.7.202313.7.2023End of summer pampering as a beauty theme. Leave-in hair conditioners tested.
Anna312.8.202313.7.202320.7.2023Relaxed back to work dress up theme. Streamlined eyeglass frames.
Anna329.8.202320.7.202327.8.2023Everyday food in a new way. Skin care update after summer. Get rid of bloating.
Anna3316.8.202327.7.20233.8.2023Well-being extra: get exercising gently. Wellness products.
Anna3423.8.20233.8.202310.8.2023Hair extra. Succeed in home dyeing: washing and care products.
Anna3530.8.202310.8.202317.8.2023Autumn fashion trends. Anna’s super popular jacket competition and the coolest accessories.
Anna366.9.202317.8.202324.8.2023Autumn food issue: the best flavours of the harvest.
Anna3713.9.202324.8.202331.8.2023Inspiring interior design issue: trends and events. Serums and power creams as a beauty theme.
Anna3820.9.202331.8.20237.9.202360th anniversary issue. Hair trends & best products, the beauty editor’s all-time favorites. The most popular food recipes. Sunny city holidays. Health theme stomach wellness.
Anna3927.9.20237.9.202314.9.2023Book issue: autumn reading experiences. Delicious weekend brunches.
Anna404.10.202314.9.202321.9.2023Pink ribbon issue: peer support for breast cancer. Beauty masks tested.
Anna4111.10.202321.9.202328.9.2023Kitchen decorating ideas, dishes and cutlery. Pharmacy cosmetics.
Anna4218.10.202328.9.20235.10.2023The big autumn beauty extra. Eye creams and other anti-aging skin care.
Anna4325.10.20235.10.202312.10.2023The food issue! Pasta in many ways. Autumn red wines.
Anna441.11.202312.10.202319.10.2023Sleep extra. Underwear and sleepwear. Night creams as the beauty theme.
Anna458.11.202319.10.202326.10.2023Well-being: relief from intimate ailments. Cozy bedrooms as a decoration theme.
Anna4615.11.202326.10.20232.11.2023A break from everyday life: inspiring local holidays. Health theme intestinal well-being.
Anna4722.11.20232.11.20239.11.2023Beauty extra: Christmas make-up and hair. Lovely new scents.
Anna4829.11.20239.11.202316.11.2023Anna’s jury selected the best cosmetics of the year.
Anna497.12.202316.11.202323.11.2023Fantastic Christmas food extra. The best wines for Christmas dinner.
Anna5013.12.202323.11.202329.11.2023Book gifts for the book worm. Christmas home decoration.
Anna51-5220.12.202329.11.20237.12.2023Atmospheric Christmas double issue. New Year’s menus and drinks. Trend review of 2024.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Deko14.1.20235.12.202213.12.2022Hygge home. Warm home textiles. The dream library, the return of bookshelves.
Deko21.2.20233.1.202311.1.2023Trendy spring colours. Kitchen renovation on a small budget: doors, hinges, handles, tiles, and paints.
Deko31.3.20231.2.20238.2.2023Decorate with plants: pots, popular plants, plant lights, boxes, and care. Designer items retain their value best.
Deko429.3.20231.3.20238.3.2023Beautiful bathroom, sauna and home spa. A new kick for cleaning: ecological and functional tools and substances.
Deko53.5.202331.3.202311.4.2023New ideas for spring parties: settings, flowers, and decorations. Terrace and summer furniture.
Deko631.5.20232.5.20239.5.2023Big summer cottage issue: inventive ideas and interior design solutions for a summer home. Cute and useful cottage gifts. Design tour in Finland.
Deko728.6.202329.5.20235.6.2023Theme issue: Loviisa housing fair. Official fair catalogue.
Deko89.8.202312.7.202319.7.2023An autumn home. Functional storage solutions: hallway, wardrobe, and closet. New ideas for the children’s room.
Deko96.9.20239.8.202316.8.2023Habitare news. Sweet dreams: beds, textiles, and bedside tables. Atmosphere with lights.
Deko101.11.20234.10.202311.10.2023A cozy living room: how to choose a sofa and armchairs. New entertainment electronics. A pet’s own space.
Deko 1129.11.20231.11.20238.11.2023Create a Christmas atmosphere. Small budget Christmas gift ideas for decorators.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Erä111.1.202312.12.202219.12.2022Winter fishing and ice-fishing equipment.
Erä28.2.202311.1.202318.1.2023Big and small fish: The intake of the Kala22 competition.
Erä38.3.202315.2.202322.2.2023On the spring ice and snowdrifts. Late winter is the peak season for ice skaters and winter hikers.
Erä412.4.202313.3.202320.3.2023Wilderness boats and equipment. News and reviews.
Erä510.5.202311.4.202318.4.2023For open water and spring trips. The open water fishing season begins, tips for the water.
Erä67.6.20239.5.202316.5.2023Nature-Erä, an issue focusing on nature topics.
Erä712.7.202313.6.202320.6.2023Holiday fishing and local hiking.
Erä816.8.202319.7.202326.7.2023Hiking and trekking – equipment and destinations.
Erä913.9.202316.8.202323.8.2023Hunting and guns – the harvest of the wilderness enthusiast.
Erä1011.10.202313.9.202320.9.2023Wilderness electronics and wilderness tourism.
Erä118.11.202311.10.202318.10.2023Wilderness food and wilderness traditions.
Erä1213.12.202314.11.202321.11.2023The season’s trials and comparisons. An overview of the season’s interesting lures and other equipment.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Golflehti11.3.202331.1.20237.2.2023Equipment and accessories.
Golflehti210.5.20236.4.202317.4.2023A summer of golf in Finland.
Golflehti328.6.202329.5.20235.6.2023Golf tourism. 
Golflehti425.10.202322.9.20233.10.2023Winter training, the many forms of golf.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kanava49.6.202312.5.202322.5.2023Kanava 50 years.
Kanava727.10.20232.10.20239.10.2023Books: the bookfair and Kanava prize


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kippari111.1.202312.12.202219.12.2022The new Kippari. The thoroughly revised magazine is ready. A large number of equipment, technology and electronics.
Kippari28.2.202311.1.202318.1.2023Fair issue. Kippari presents interesting new things. Comparison of non-toxic “toxic paints”.
Kippari315.3.202315.2.202322.2.2023The big motor issue. Introducing new combustion or electric engines. We will find out how to succeed in changing a combustion engine to an electric one.
Kippari412.4.202313.3.202320.3.2023Special issue for used boats. Comparison of boat trailers and opening of a series of articles focusing on boating skills.
Kippari510.5.202311.4.202318.4.2023Current boat comparison. In addition, a report on the anode comparison we started last year. We are also preparing for the starting Finnish boating season.
Kippari67.6.20239.5.202316.5.2023The most important equipment innovations at the beginning of the boating season. Ways to start a clogged engine.
Kippari712.7.202313.6.202320.6.2023Travelling on the water: we present interesting boat trip destinations in Finland.
Kippari816.8.202319.7.202326.7.2023Introducing the interesting new things at the Uiva boat show.
Kippari913.9.202316.8.202323.8.2023Current boat comparison. We also provide guidance on safe boating in the autumn darkness.
Kippari1011.10.202313.9.202320.9.2023Current equipment comparison in cooperation with Vene.
Kippari118.11.202311.10.202318.10.2023Autumn service issue. A big boat repair after the season, part 1.
Kippari1213.12.202314.11.202321.11.2023The opening of the winter boat fair season, what the trends look like. Armchair boating abroad. Big boat repair, part 2.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kotiliesi14.1.20232.12.202212.12.2022Steamy winter soups. Sandwiches for a winter outings. Strengthen your bones. Body peace: have a permissive attitude towards your body.
Kotiliesi218.1.202316.12.202222.12.2022Overcome constant fatigue. Spicy flavours from Nepali cuisine. Spruce up your home with little money. Your parents aging: how to share the burden with your siblings without arguing.
Kotiliesi31.2.20232.1.202310.1.2023The most delicious chocolate treats while baking. Nice crafts from leftover threads. Don’t let envy eat away at your life. Learn to breathe properly.
Kotiliesi415.2.202317.1.202324.1.2023The most amazing new carpets, carpet maintenance. Get rid of atopic dermatitis. What helps when you feel like you won’t be accepted as yourself? Quick everyday food with an airfryer.
Kotiliesi51.3.202331.1.20237.2.2023Special genealogy issue. Sweet and savoury pancakes. Treat foot pain. Easy sprout growing on your windowsill.
Kotiliesi615.3.202314.2.202321.2.2023The most wonderful spring pastries. Dealing with women’s intimate problems. A summer cottage for sale: what should be taken into account when selling a summer cottage? Learn not to be bitter and to forgive.
Kotiliesi729.3.202328.2.20237.3.2023Easter party spread, party dishes and wonderful decoration ideas. Patchwork with different techniques. Fear of rejection: what helps if it makes your life difficult?
Kotiliesi85.4.20237.3.202314.3.2023Garden issue. Subsistence farming, pallet collars. Greenhouses. Feng Shui garden, garden trends. Ensure a blooming yard for the whole summer.
Kotiliesi919.4.202317.3.202324.3.2023Pita breads and the best fillings, make yourself and use ready-made breads and spreads. Relief for hot flashes. Window washing: chemicals, techniques, technical aids. Constant terror: how to get rid of seeing only threats in everything?
Kotiliesi103.5.202330.3.20236.4.2023Mother’s Day ice cream cake, shakes, classic ice cream portions. Laser eye surgery. A cottage in summer condition: important machines for a cottager. Are you unknowingly an energy junkie?
Kotiliesi1117.5.202317.4.202324.4.2023Big singles issue: people in their sixties and seventies are the largest group of singles in Finland. Spring cake buffet: sweet and savoury. Parties at home: home dishes and textiles. Pamper your hair. Do you constantly give your loved ones a hard time? Stop now.
Kotiliesi1231.5.202328.4.20238.5.2023The hottest barbecue delicacies of the summer. What helps with tooth sensitivity? Stain removers tested. Serial lovers: why do I keep falling in love?
Kotiliesi1314.6.202315.5.202323.5.2023Midsummer treats in the cottage kitchen. Protect yourself from bugs. Crafts: print a unique work of art on a t-shirt. Don’t be efficient all the time – slowing down like this increases your well-being.
Kotiliesi145.7.20235.6.202312.6.2023Baking with blueberries. Get your summer skin in shape. Loviisa Housing Fair. Resilience: this is how you learn to be stronger.
Kotiliesi1519.7.202319.6.202327.6.2023Mediterranean delicacies from your own garden. Avoid summer stomach problems. An atmospheric summer home. Do you dare to face your worst fears?
Kotiliesi162.8.20234.7.202311.7.2023Bake and preserve from the summer apple harvest. Choosing new glasses. Prevent and fight home pests. Too much compassion can be exhausting.
Kotiliesi1716.8.202318.7.202325.7.2023Inexpensive and delicious home cooking from cabbage. Breast cancer and treatments. Home in order: new beautiful storage solutions. Do you not understand your child or daughter-in-law? Don’t make these mistakes.
Kotiliesi1830.8.20231.8.20238.8.2023Lovely new instructions for wool socks. The harvest’s best savoury pies. Avoid stomach ulcer. Learn to relax.
Kotiliesi1913.9.202315.8.202322.8.2023New autumn books. Classic sandwiches: toast, flatbread, and rye bread. This is how you add exercise to your everyday life. Autumn in the garden: growing, planting, and varieties of tulips. Get rid of tension.
Kotiliesi2027.9.202329.8.20235.9.2023Succulent lasagnas from minced meat, fish, and vegetables + vegan lasagna. Treat a headache. Outdoor sauna atmosphere. What help for loneliness?
Kotiliesi2111.10.202312.9.202319.9.2023Quick and nutritious omelets. Diet to support health. The four seasons on the balcony. This is how you get more spark in your relationship.
Kotiliesi2218.10.202319.9.202326.9.2023Christmas fan special issue. The dream Christmas: crafting, baking, little sweets, Christmas flowers, and handicrafts.
Kotiliesi231.11.20233.10.202310.10.2023Soups from inexpensive ingredients. Senior’s vitamins and nutritional supplements to get in shape. Top tips for cleaning different rooms in the home. How to get back on your feet after a crisis.
Kotiliesi2415.11.202317.10.202324.11.2023Special issue on memory disorders. The most delicious Christmas pastries. Take care of houseplants for winter frosts.
Kotiliesi2529.11.202331.10.20237.11.2023Christmas gifts for decorators and connoisseurs. Kotiliesi’s Christmas party spread. How does a rigid man learn to face his feelings?
Kotiliesi2613.12.202313.11.202320.11.2023Easy New Year’s treats and bites made from butter and phyllo dough. A country home in a winter mood. Difficult sibling relationships.

Kotiliesi Käsityö

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kotiliesi Käsityö111.1.202312.12.202219.12.2022Warm winter knitwear for the whole family. Crafts on a small budget.
Kotiliesi Käsityö215.3.202315.2.202322.2.2023Spring go-to clothes. Easy knits for beginners. Brighten up your home with textiles.
Kotiliesi Käsityö317.5.202318.4.202325.4.2023Sew easy holiday outfits. Knit and crochet light outfits and accessories for summer. Small holiday crafts.
Kotiliesi Käsityö419.7.202320.6.202328.6.2023Tricot key outfits. Casual knitwear.
Kotiliesi Käsityö520.9.202323.8.202330.8.2023Timeless autumn style. Sew functional classics for everyday life and the festive season. Warm winter accessories.
Kotiliesi Käsityö615.11.202318.10.202325.10.2023The great Christmas gift issue! Make everyone’s favorite Christmas gifts and create a warm atmosphere at home.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kotilääkäri111.1.202312.12.202219.12.2022Weight management and new energy from lifestyle renewals. Quitting smoking: keys to success.
Kotilääkäri215.2.202318.1.202325.1.2023Skin care and help for dry eyes. Diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
Kotilääkäri315.3.202315.2.202322.2.2023Asthma and allergies. Spiritual well-being and mental health. Better sleep.
Kotilääkäri419.4.202320.3.202327.3.2023Relief for menopause. Oral well-being. Headaches.
Kotilääkäri517.5.202318.4.202325.4.2023Bones and joints. Protect the skin from the sun.
Kotilääkäri614.6.202316.5.202324.5.2023Treatment of intimate problems. Help with urinary incontinence.
Kotilääkäri719.7.202320.6.202328.6.2023Stomach well-being and nutrition. Cottage cosmetics.
Kotilääkäri813.9.202316.8.202323.8.2023Heart and vascular diseases. Strengthen immunity.
Kotilääkäri911.10.202313.9.202320.9.2023Thyroid diseases. Light up the dark time with exercise and versatile nutrition.
Kotilääkäri1015.11.202318.10.202325.10.2023Extra memory and plenty of crosswords. Let’s nurture relationships!


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Koululainen111.1.202312.12.202219.12.2022Presenting the winner of the fair class competition. A glimpse into the everyday life of schoolchildren around the world.
Koululainen28.2.202311.1.202318.1.2023The big pet issue: buying and caring for a pet. Winner of the pet of the year competition. Important emotional skills.
Koululainen38.3.20238.2.202315.2.2023The science and space extra. Handy tools for crafting.
Koululainen45.4.20238.3.202315.3.2023Easter treats and decorations. Finland’s sweetest chocolate egg test.
Koululainen53.5.202331.3.202311.4.2023The Tube and TikTok extra. Unforgettable camp experiences.
Koululainen67.6.20239.5.202316.5.2023Nature awaits! Clothes and equipment for the summer hiker.
Koululainen75.7.20236.6.202313.6.2023The summer giant issue full of activities, readings, and tests to enjoy over the holidays.
Koululainen82.8.20235.7.202312.7.2023Ready for school! Announcement of the fair class competition. Nice school supplies.
Koululainen96.9.20239.8.202316.8.2023Finding new hobbies. The pet of the year competition begins.
Koululainen1011.10.202313.9.202320.9.2023About our furry friends or pets big and small. Halloween’s terrific treats.
Koululainen118.11.202311.8.202318.10.2023The brightest stars of the music world. Addictive book tips.
Koululainen1213.12.202314.11.202321.11.2023The best games of the year and other nice things for Christmas gift wishes. Internet rules under control.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Maalla111.1.202313.12.202220.12.2022Premiere of the renewed Maalla-lehti. A collector’s guide: textiles, glassware, and ceramics.
Maalla28.2.202312.1.202319.1.2023Winter hiking. Home enhancement: wallpapers and paints. Warming textiles.
Maalla315.3.202316.2.202323.2.2023Could I become self-sufficient? Caring for your land, sowing, and cultivation.
Maalla412.4.202314.3.202321.3.2023Gardens, planting trends, pots, greenhouses, and glass rooms. Terrace update.
Maalla510.5.202312.4.202319.4.2023Big summer cottage issue. Freshen up the summer cottage at an affordable price: furniture, textiles, and surface materials. Summer cottage kitchen.
Maalla67.6.202310.5.202317.5.2023A lovely summer day on the farm. My pet’s cottage summer. Finland travel tips: restaurants, mansions, museums, and exhibitions.
Maalla712.7.202314.6.202321.6.2023Heat up the summer sauna. Delicacies from the grill.
Maalla816.8.202320.7.202327.7.2023Crayfish party in the boathouse. Yard lights and lanterns.
Maalla913.9.202317.8.202324.8.2023Storage solutions suitable for country style, freestanding cabinets. The best antique shops in Finland.
Maalla1011.10.202314.9.202321.9.2023Celebrating Christmas in the countryside. A wonderful DIY magazine for Christmas enthusiasts.
Maalla118.11.202312.10.202319.10.2023Maalla Christmas. The wonderful countryside home Christmas atmosphere issue: decorations, food, lights, gifts, and atmosphere.

Metsästys ja Kalastus

  • Update 19.6.2023 special theme on issue 8; 17.2.2023 issue 5 addition to special theme; 19.12.2022 special theme on issues 4 and 5
MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Metsästys ja Kalastus14.1.20237.12.202214.12.2022Knives and more knives. The knife is the traditional general tool of the Finnish hunter.
Metsästys ja Kalastus21.2.20234.1.202312.1.2023Trophies, i.e. taxidermy, antler trophies and other similar hunting and fishing souvenirs.
Metsästys ja Kalastus31.3.20232.2.20239.2.2023Hunting optics (scopes, binoculars, etc.). The supply of optics is extensive and optics can be found for different purposes. Choosing the right tool is important.
Metsästys ja Kalastus45.4.20239.3.202316.3.2023Game research. The research provides a basis for the management of game populations, and the information collected by hunters has long been an important part of game research in Finland.
Metsästys ja Kalastus53.5.20233.4.202312.4.2023Manufacture of lures. Finland has an extensive and high-level tradition in the manufacture of lures. Includes the history of the well-known lure and its maker, as well as instructions for self-tuning and tuning the lures. Testing game cameras.
Metsästys ja Kalastus67.6.202310.5.202317.5.2023Fishing. High odds of catching, easy fishing, but there is still a lot to learn and tips.
Metsästys ja Kalastus75.7.20238.6.202315.6.2023Summer fish dishes. Tips and advice for preparing fish delicacies at home, at the summer cottage, or in the countryside.
Metsästys ja Kalastus82.8.20236.7.202313.7.2023Pigeon hunting. Birds’ UV vision and its effect on hunting, the importance of camouflage.
Metsästys ja Kalastus96.9.202310.8.202317.8.2023Deer hunting. In a few decades, the white-tailed deer has become one of Finland’s most important game animals.
Metsästys ja Kalastus104.10.20237.9.202314.9.2023Elk hunting. Traditional Finnish big game. M&K’s elk ‘kymppikerho’ club is already an institution that has collected unique material about large elk.
Metsästys ja Kalastus111.11.20235.10.202312.10.2023Wild game. Game is a valuable ingredient for the home cook. Tips and advice for using the catch.
Metsästys ja Kalastus128.12.202310.11.202317.11.2023Literature and stories. Wilderness books and trip reports.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial


  • Update 5.9.2023 special theme on issue 43; 19.6.2023 special theme on issues 28 and 39; 19.12.2022 special theme from issue 9 to issue 10
MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Seura14.1.202314.12.202321.12.2022How to reduce your alcohol consumption.
Seura211.1.202320.12.202328.12.2022Mental crisis resistance, i.e. what helps when you’re anxious and scared. Vegetable of the season: kale.
Seura318.1.202328.12.20234.1.2023How do those sensitive to the cold survive both inside and outside? And why is a cool temperature good for humans?
Seura425.1.20234.1.202312.1.2023Power from food: these foods help with brain fog and constant fatigue. Menu: light fish menu for the beginning of the year.
Seura51.2.202312.1.202319.1.2023Reading package about health, broad health theme: losing weight and weight control.
Seura68.2.202319.1.202326.1.2023Atopy – the skin becomes dry and itchy. Vegetable of the season: sweet potato.
Seura715.2.202326.1.20232.2.2023Current health topic.
Seura822.2.20232.2.20239.2.2023Upper back hurts. Menu: a wonderful breakfast menu for the winter holidays.
Seura91.3.20239.2.202316.2.2023Health: night sweats.
Seura108.3.202316.2.202323.2.2023Reading package: crazy funny Finland, special Finnish phenomena and funny personalities. Appropriate medication. Fruit of the season: mango.
Seura1115.3.202323.2.20232.3.2023Calming the brain.
Seura1222.3.20232.3.20239.3.2023How does changing the clocks affect health? Menu: Easter dinner.
Seura1329.3.20239.3.202316.3.2023Help for osteoarthritis of the hands. Baking and dessert: quick treats that are also suitable for Easter.
Seura14-155.4.202316.3.202323.3.2023Current health topic.
Seura1619.4.202328.3.20234.4.2023Why does a heart attack recur and how can it be prevented? Vegetable of the season: various salads (also delicacies suitable for May Day).
Seura1726.4.20234.4.202313.4.2023Bothered by street dust, what can help?
Seura183.5.202312.4.202319.4.2023Problems with a dental implant. Menu: Mother’s Day cake buffet.
Seura1910.5.202319.4.202326.4.2023Shin splints as a runner.
Seura2017.5.202326.4.20234.5.2023Reading package: love, romance, erotica, sex. Health: can anything be done for vitiligo, i.e. white spots? Vegetable of the season: asparagus delicacies.
Seura2124.5.20233.5.202310.5.2023Current health topic.
Seura2231.5.202310.5.202317.5.2023When is jealousy a sickness and what can be done about it? Menu: early summer barbecue delicacies.
Seura237.6.202317.5.202325.5.2023Stomach and intestinal well-being.
Seura2414.6.202325.5.20231.6.2023About tick diseases and protection (includes, for example, insect repellents). Menu: Midsummer fish spread.
Seura25-2621.6.20231.6.20238.6.2023Sex after a break, the situation after the absence of a relationship, illness, etc. Fruit of the season: cherry.
Seura275.7.202314.6.202321.6.2023Current health topic.
Seura2812.7.202321.6.202329.6.2023Keratitis. Menu: grilled vegetables and fruits.
Seura2919.7.202329.6.20236.7.2023Heel pain or plantar fasciitis.
Seura3026.7.20236.7.202313.7.2023What helps when a relationship breaks up? Fruit of the season: melon.
Seura312.8.202313.7.202320.7.2023Constant fatigue, sleep disturbance.
Seura329.8.202320.7.202327.8.2023Strength for everyday life with good choices. Baking: berry pastries.
Seura3316.8.202327.7.20233.8.2023Hip pain, is it an inflammation of the bursae, i.e. bursitis? And how is it treated?
Seura3423.8.20233.8.202310.8.2023This is how you can improve indoor air. Vegetable of the season: broccoli.
Seura3530.8.202310.8.202317.8.2023Reading package, broad nature theme: let’s go to the forest. Current health topic.
Seura366.9.202317.8.202324.8.2023New information about migraines. Menu: forest menu.
Seura3713.9.202324.8.202331.8.2023Why you should start taking vitamin D no later than now.
Seura3820.9.202331.8.20237.9.2023Ways of life to prevent Alzheimer’s. Fruit of the season: apple.
Seura3927.9.20237.9.202314.9.2023Heart health. Is salt necessary?
Seura404.10.202314.9.202321.9.2023Reading package, broad health theme: a strong back and relief from pain. Menu: Octoberfest – beer in food.
Seura4111.10.202321.9.202328.9.2023Can diet help a rheumatism patient?
Seura4218.10.202328.9.20235.10.2023Current health topic. Fruit of the season: pear.
Seura4325.10.20235.10.202312.10.2023Pacemaker – When is pacemaker treatment necessary? How does the device work and improve the quality of life? This is how the cardiologist answers and advises.
Seura441.11.202312.10.202319.10.2023A self-inflicted lack of concentration can be the cause of sleep difficulties. Menu: Father’s Day stew menu.
Seura458.11.202319.10.202326.10.2023Reading package, True Crime. Health: well-being of the stomach and intestines.
Seura4615.11.202326.10.20232.11.2023Help for urinary incontinence. Baking: savoury and sweet for Christmas.
Seura4722.11.20232.11.20239.11.2023What helps when the mood is depressed?
Seura4829.11.20239.11.202316.11.2023Current health topic. Menu: Finnish classics for Independence Day.
Seura497.12.202316.11.202323.11.2023This is how menopause changes the metabolism, what follows from it and how you can fight against ailments.
Seura5013.12.202322.11.202329.11.2023This is how cataracts are treated. The best fish dishes for Christmas.
Seura51-5220.12.202329.11.20237.12.2023How to survive when things get tough with your family: resilience and interaction skills for family encounters. New Year’s champagne dinner.

Seura SuperRistikot

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial
Seura SuperRistikot118.1.202328.12.20222.1.2023
Seura SuperRistikot222.2.20232.2.20237.2.2023
Seura SuperRistikot329.3.20239.3.202314.3.2023
Seura SuperRistikot410.5.202319.4.202324.4.2023
Seura SuperRistikot521.6.20231.6.20236.6.2023
Seura SuperRistikot62.8.202313.7.202318.7.2023
Seura SuperRistikot76.9.202317.8.202322.8.2023
Seura SuperRistikot811.10.202321.9.202326.9.2023
Seura SuperRistikot915.11.202326.10.202331.10.2023
Seura SuperRistikot1013.12.202322.11.202327.11.2023

Suomen Kuvalehti

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Suomen Kuvalehti15.1.202315.12.202222.12.2022 
Suomen Kuvalehti213.1.202322.12.202230.12.2022 
Suomen Kuvalehti320.1.202330.12.20229.1.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti427.1.20239.1.202316.1.2023Theme issue: up-to-date picks on educational topics.
Suomen Kuvalehti53.2.202316.1.202323.1.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti610.2.202323.1.202330.1.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti717.2.202330.1.20236.2.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti824.2.20236.2.202313.2.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti93.3.202313.2.202320.2.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti1010.3.202320.2.202327.2.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti1117.3.202327.2.20236.3.2023The election. 
Suomen Kuvalehti1224.3.20236.3.202313.3.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti1331.3.202313.3.202320.3.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti14-155.4.202316.3.202323.3.2023Gourmet: Easter.
Suomen Kuvalehti1621.4.202330.3.20236.4.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti1728.4.20236.4.202317.4.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti185.5.202314.4.202321.4.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti1912.5.202321.4.202328.4.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti2019.5.202327.4.20235.5.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti2126.5.20235.5.202312.5.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti222.6.202312.5.202322.5.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti239.6.202322.5.202329.5.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti2416.6.202329.5.20235.6.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti25-2621.6.20231.6.20238.6.2023Gourmet: Midsummer.
Suomen Kuvalehti277.7.202316.6.202326.6.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti2814.7.202326.6.20233.7.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti2921.7.20233.7.202310.7.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3028.7.202310.7.202317.7.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti314.8.202317.7.202324.7.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3211.8.202324.7.202331.7.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3318.8.202331.7.20237.8.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3425.8.20237.8.202314.8.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti351.9.202314.8.202321.8.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti368.9.202321.8.202328.8.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3715.9.202328.8.20234.9.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3822.9.20234.9.202311.9.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti3929.9.202311.9.202318.9.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti406.10.202318.9.202325.9.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti4113.10.202325.9.20232.10.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti4220.10.20232.10.20239.10.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti4327.10.20239.10.202316.10.2023Autumn offerings during the Helsinki book fair.
Suomen Kuvalehti443.11.202316.10.202323.10.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti4510.11.202323.10.202330.10.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti4617.11.202330.10.20236.11.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti4724.11.20236.10.202313.11.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti481.12.202313.11.202320.11.2023A compilation of the best books of the year.
Suomen Kuvalehti498.12.202317.11.202324.11.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti5015.12.202324.11.20231.12.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti51-5220.12.202329.11.20237.12.2023Gourmet: Christmas.

Tekniikan Maailma

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Tekniikan Maailma128.12.20222.12.202212.12.20222023 car year review, including the most significant car innovations. The beginning of the 70th anniversary year
Tekniikan Maailma212.1.202316.12.202223.12.2022Comparing the most interesting new TVs.
Tekniikan Maailma326.1.20232.1.202310.1.2023Harley-Davidson motorcycle test drive.
Tekniikan Maailma416.2.202324.1.202331.1.2023TM’s big winter car comparison, part 1: cars with internal combustion engines.
Tekniikan Maailma59.3.202314.2.202321.2.2023TM’s big winter car comparison, part 2: all-electric cars.
Tekniikan Maailma623.3.202328.2.20237.3.2023Comparison: summer tyres 2023.
Tekniikan Maailma713.4.202317.3.202324.3.2023Comparing mountain bikes. Guide: Electric cars.
Tekniikan Maailma827.4.202331.3.202311.4.2023Celebration issue: Tekniikan Maailma 70 years.
Tekniikan Maailma911.5.202317.4.202324.4.2023Comparing the most interesting new phones.
Tekniikan Maailma101.6.20238.5.202315.5.2023Comparing the interesting current car group.
Tekniikan Maailma1122.6.202330.5.20236.6.2023A guide to summer cottage technology.
Tekniikan Maailma126.7.202312.6.202319.6.2023The big summer car comparison.
Tekniikan Maailma1320.7.202327.6.20234.7.2023Comparison: motorcycles.
Tekniikan Maailma143.8.202310.7.202317.7.2023Comparison: Nordic sports car comparison.
Tekniikan Maailma1517.8.202325.7.20231.8.2023Comparison: bicycles.
Tekniikan Maailma167.9.202315.8.202322.8.2023Student electronics.
Tekniikan Maailma1721.9.202328.8.20235.9.2023Virtual reality.
Tekniikan Maailma185.10.202312.9.202319.9.2023Comparison: winter tyres 2023 (friction and studded tyres).
Tekniikan Maailma1926.10.20233.10.202310.10.2023Comparing the current car group.
Tekniikan Maailma209.11.202317.10.202324.10.2023TM70 anniversary issue part 2. Comparison of artificial intelligences and launch of TM artificial intelligence. Great ski comparison. Pin or friction – a topic of conversation. Extensive test drive: Toyota Prius. Comparison of passive speakers. The gems of the Tokyo Motor Show.
Tekniikan Maailma2123.11.202331.10.20237.11.2023Audio comparison.
Tekniikan Maailma227.12.202314.11.202321.11.2023Current bike comparison. Christmas guide.

TM Rakennusmaailma

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
TM Rakennusmaailma118.1.202320.12.202228.12.2022Lightweight and roomy fireplace models. Model calculations for energy saving.
TM Rakennusmaailma215.2.202319.1.202326.1.2023House packages: collection overview, how to compare contents, availability, maintenance contracts.
TM Rakennusmaailma322.3.202323.2.20232.3.2023Renovation extra.
TM Rakennusmaailma419.4.202321.3.202328.3.2023Yard, garden, and balcony. The first renewed TM Rakennusmaailma.
TM Rakennusmaailma517.5.202319.4.202326.4.2023Cottages and leisure apartments: What can you get for 50,000, 100,000 and 250,000 euros in Finland?
TM Rakennusmaailma628.6.202329.5.20235.6.2023Housing fair in Loviisa. Official fair catalogue.
TM Rakennusmaailma79.8.202313.7.202320.7.2023Comparing the prices of building materials from the most popular products.
TM Rakennusmaailma86.9.202310.8.202317.8.2023Gutters and drains, roof inspection and condition of thermostats.
TM Rakennusmaailma94.10.20237.9.202314.9.2023Recycling and flea markets. Building a house from recycled materials. Raksarinki and other social media groups.
TM Rakennusmaailma1025.10.202328.9.20235.10.2023Energy prices 2024: heating options, such as pumps and geothermal heat, electricity price outlook.
TM Rakennusmaailma1115.11.202319.10.202326.10.2023Introducing new wood and electric stoves. Ready-made boards vs. how to do it yourself.
TM Rakennusmaailma1220.12.202322.11.202329.11.2023The new construction law will enter into force in 2024: the environmental report of the private house builder and the bureaucracy presented.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial

Vauhdin Maailma

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Vauhdin Maailma116.1.202319.12.202227.12.2022The rally season begins. Presets for the World Championship and Finnish Championship series.
Vauhdin Maailma213.2.202318.1.202325.1.2023Pre-issue for the F1 season: circuits, teams, drivers.
Vauhdin Maailma313.3.202315.2.202322.2.2023Rally series in full swing: what can be concluded from the opening of the season?
Vauhdin Maailma411.4.202314.3.202321.3.2023First characterizations of the F1 season: successes and failures.
Vauhdin Maailma58.5.202311.4.202318.4.2023The Finnish track season starts. Will the TCR class save track racing?
Vauhdin Maailma65.6.20239.5.202316.5.2023Technology from the top equipment of different championship series.
Vauhdin Maailma724.7.202328.6.20235.7.2023Pre-issue for the Finnish World Rally Championship.
Vauhdin Maailma828.8.20232.8.20239.8.2023The events of the Finnish World Rally Championship and interesting measurement results.
Vauhdin Maailma918.9.202323.8.202330.8.2023The decisive moments and backgrounds of Finnish championship series.
Vauhdin Maailma1030.10.20234.10.202311.10.2023What are the starting positions of the final races of the World Rally Championship and F1?
Vauhdin Maailma1111.12.202314.11.202321.11.2023TOP 10 ranking of Finnish motor sports.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Vene14.1.20235.12.202213.12.2022New Vene. Vene has gone through a thorough renewal and the end result is here. In addition, a comprehensive overview of boat equipment and a comparison of non-toxic “toxic paints”.
Vene28.2.202311.1.202318.1.2023Fair issue. The February boat fair opens the boating season and the Vene fair issue reviews what the fair has to offer. Also included are offshore sailor outfits and a large buyer’s guide to boats and equipment.
Vene31.3.20231.2.20238.2.2023Comparing: five-metre utility boats made of different materials. The latest tips for spring boat renovation and maintenance.
Vene45.4.20238.3.202315.3.2023Information bank for the new sailor. Vene inspects and tests the field’s electronic innovations, such as electronic sea charts.
Vene53.5.20234.4.202311.4.2023Special issue for used boats.
Vene631.5.20232.5.20239.5.2023The Finnish boat tourism season is in full swing, Vene presents a large number of ports worth visiting.
Vene75.7.20236.6.202313.6.2023Current boat comparison.
Vene89.8.202312.7.202319.7.2023Advance presentation of the Uiva boat show, a look at interesting new things.
Vene96.9.20239.8.202316.8.2023In the autumn maintenance issue, we tell you the least a boat owner should do after lifting out a boat.
Vene104.10.20236.9.202313.9.2023Up-to-date equipment comparison in cooperation with Kippari. Next year’s candidates for European sailboats announced.
Vene111.11.20234.10.202311.10.2023We present dream boats.
Vene127.12.20238.11.202315.11.2023After the domestic boating season, we get to know boating destinations abroad.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Viva14.1.20237.12.202214.12.2022Save and curb expenses, tips from experts. Take care of your mouth, you are investing in your overall health. How can you get a right-of-occupancy apartment? Extending the lifespan of an old computer by updating.
Viva21.2.20234.1.202312.1.2023This is how the big age groups grow up. How can memory disease be slowed down and memory fostered? Take advantage of these services, senior. Refreshment from the spa. How do I securely identify myself to different services?
Viva31.3.20232.2.20239.2.2023The love of youth found again. How can sleep apnea treatment fail? Technical aids for everyday life with poor memory.
Viva45.4.20239.3.202316.3.2023New beginnings. Women tell how they dared to jump into something new. This is how I did a fitness overhaul. Take care of the heart after surgery. Benefit from new health metrics: blood pressure, fat values, and weight to control. Is disability pension a threat or an opportunity?
Viva53.5.20233.4.202312.4.2023Karelia in the heart. The new life of an evacuee house. Good treatment for intimate problems. What’s the use when war takes away peace of mind? Which inheritance pitfalls can be avoided by making a will? New equipment for yard care.
Viva631.5.20233.5.202310.5.2023Romance is blooming! What should a cautious person remember when love strikes? How to restore attraction and passion in a long relationship? What devices can I use to protect my loved ones with dementia?
Viva75.7.20237.6.202314.6.2023Dreams come true. Loviisa’s housing fair home fulfilled dreams. A month car holiday in Europe. Better everyday life for osteoarthritis patients. Discover new tools for composting.
Viva82.8.20236.7.202313.7.2023When love ends. Friends with an ex. How to stand up for yourself in a separation. Recognize cerebrovascular events such as TIA attacks. What’s the point of a smart fridge and freezer?
Viva96.9.202310.8.202317.8.2023Enjoy retirement! How to nurture health when working life ends? Get more out of TV with new devices.
Viva104.10.20237.9.202314.9.2023Find a friend. Get rid of constipation. How to make a power of attorney?
Viva111.11.20235.10.202312.10.2023Embrace the world! A new home from abroad. What should a person moving to Spain know? New treatment for prostate cancer. Tips for buying a smartphone and tablet for seniors.
Viva1229.11.20232.11.20239.11.2023From sadness to light. Identify a loved one’s depression. Console and computer games refresh and rehabilitate seniors.