Material Guidelines Online

General material guidelines

An email with material delivery instructions and a link will be provided when making a reservation. This link is automatically emailed to the material supplier. The link includes all the materials related to the campaign.

Ad creatives must be delivered according to following deadlines:

  • 5 full working days before campaign start: special materials
  • 3 full working days before campaign start: basic materials

Normal deadlines apply also if the material needs to be changed during campaign.

Should you have any questions about material guidelines online, please contact

Technical guidelines for basic banners

Ad formats, sizes and weight limits (availability varies based on site, please ask for more details)
Latest update 4.5.2021

Ad dimensions Maximum size for image ad Maximum size for HTML5 materials initial load and 3rd party tags
Desktop material
Rectangle 300x250px 100 kb 120 kb
Double Rectangle 300x600px 100 kb 120 kb
Triple Rectangle 468x400px 100 kb 120 kb
Jumbo Rectangle 560x400px 100 kb 120 kb
Panorama 980x120px 100 kb 140 kb
Digital Fullpage 620x891px 160 kb 200 kb
Parade 980x400px 160 kb 200 kb
Max Parade 980x552px 160 kb 200 kb
Extended Skyscraper 160x600px 100 kb 120 kb
Mobile material
Mobile Parade 300x300px 100 kb 120 kb
Mobile Double Parade 300x600px 100 kb 120 kb
Mobile Digital Fullpage 300x431px 100 kb 120 kb

Valid ad formats (desktop and mobile)

  • Image materials: jpg, gif or png formats
  • HTML5: Please see specifications below
  • 3rdpartytag: 3rd party tag (customer’s own tag provider from whom server materials are been called). Needs to be SSL compatible. We will also accept DoubleClick’s own tags

NO Flash materials are supported (fla and swf formats).

Landing page URL should not include scandic letters because not all the browser support them correctly.

HTLM5 technical guidelines

All files included in the creative are affecting the file size (images, scripts, fonts and CSS-files). It is highly recommended to keep the amount of the files as low as possible, because every separate download is increasing the complete loading time of the creative and the site where the creative is shown. Avoid all unnecessary loading of the files, which the creative doesn’t use (e.g. fonts, images etc).

To keep the initial load as low as possible, it is recommended to optimize the images and files and postpone the loading of all heavier files or start the loading from the user interaction (e.g. mouse over or click).

The creative must include one index.html –file. Creative can have a folder structure, where CSS-files and images are located in their own folders or alternatively, all the files can be on the same level in the folder structure. All creatives must be SSL compatible (in https-form). It would be ideal to receive the zipped html5 creatives via cloud service or other file transfer service (e.g. WeTransfer or Dropbox), as zipped files has the propensity to get stuck in firewall. Character set is UTF-8 as default.

Links has to be targeted to a new window. Define the size of the creative into a meta-tag information, so the creatives will be certainly shown in a right size. The size definitions must be fixed measurements.

<meta name=”ad.size” content=”width=[x],height=[y]”>

Using jQuery is not recommended in the html5 advertising.

Definition of the clickTAG

Example how to set up clickTag in the html:

<meta name=”ad.size” content=”width=300,height=250″>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var clickTag = “”; </script>

Creative must use clickTag-function for the redirect link:

<a href=””>
<img src=”images/dclk.png” border=0>

Video inside a banner

Video can be played inside a banner on any basic display placement as HTML5 material. If video includes sound, it has to be always muted when starting. Sound can only be turned on by user initiative, such as click or mouseover.

More information about the topic

DoubleClick for Publishers Help, HTML5 requirements:

IAB HTML5 for Digital Advertising v2.0:


Wallpaper is shown together with parade and this combination’s size is 980x400px and 1920x1440px. You can use only image formats (jpg, gif or png), 3rdpartytags are not supported. In parade you can use all regular formats (3rdpartytag, jpg, gif or png). Html5-parade is also available when created according to Adform instructions. You can find Adform instructions here. We don’t support the combination of transparent parade combined with the wallpaper. All the sites where wallpaper is supported, the content area is centralized, the wallpaper doesn’t scale. Please note this while including important elements to your wallpaper.

Site specific measurements * Empty space varies between sites.


Wallpaper size: 1920x1140px

Content area width (max) Respon-sive Empty space under parade * Skyscrapers over the wallpaper
– ROS 1140 x x
– Forum 1100 x x
Erälehti 1026 x x
Golf 1020 x x x
Golfpiste 1020 x x x
Hymy 1020 x x
– ROS 1280 x
– Blog’s frontpage 1280 x
– Forum 980 x x
Kippari 1026 x x
Kotiliesi 1280 x
– ROS 1180 x x
TM Rakennusmaailma 1026 x x
Seura 1140 x x
TM 1440 x x
Venelehti 1026 x x


  • The graphics of the wallpaper should not continue straight into the parade or vice versa, because the vertical position of the parade may differ inside one site and there might be white space around parade on the site.
  • The graphics of the wallpaper should continue under the parade and the content area without leaving a clear blank area. Since it is possible that blank area will be visible to user in some situations.
  • When designing wallpaper for RON package, it is good to remember that not all of the sites are identical in structure. It is recommended to deliver, for example, three different sizes of the wallpaper in order to cover most of the site widths.

Otavamedia can’t guarantee the optimal positioning of the parade and wallpaper, if the delivered creative does not follow the given guidelines. The wallpaper can be set so it either follows while scrolling the site or it is locked. If necessary, you can ask for graphical example designs from

Rich media (Special ad formats)

Ad format which includes picture, sounds and possibly interactive elements. Format is made compatible for mobile devices with HTML5 script. Rich media -formats have same weight limits than other display formats of same size and those can be found in basic banners section. Rich media -formats are following strict standards. Please, ask more about this from our media sales.

Update 9.5.2022: list of available ad formats

  Format size Technical specifications
Mobile rich media
3D swipe 300x300px 4 images (jpg or png)
Carousel slide 600x1200px 3-7 images (jpg or png)
Carousel Split Screen 600x1200px 3-7 images (jpg or png)
Flipbook 600x1200px 2-5 images (jpg or png)
3D Prism 600x600px 3 images (jpg or png)
Slides 600x600px 2-5 images (jpg or png)
Scratch 600x600px 2 images (jpg, png, mp4 or webm)
Flip 600x1200px 2 media (image and video)
Deck of Cards 600x1200px 2-6 imagex (jpg or png)
Video 300x300px HTML5. Video inside banner, customer produces material

NOTE! To ensure the best quality, we recommend sending the materials in double size from the original.

Landing Page Ad

Landing Page Ad is available on these sites; Anna, Golfpiste, Kaksplus, Kotiliesi, Muropaketti, Seura, Tekniikan Maailma.

  • Image file in jpg or png format
  • Image size 600x900px
  • Max. file size 150 kb

Please note! System will automatically add white space around the image, 20x on desktop and 10px on mobile.

Tagging available:

  • click-tags
  • impression-tags


In newletters you can only use gif-, jpg- or png-formats. 3rdpartytags are not supported.

Newsletters Subscribers Ad size or highlight Frequency appr. 22 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 3/week appr. 40 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 2/week appr. 6 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 2/week appr. 18 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 5/week appr. 3 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 2/week appr. 2 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 7/week appr. 29 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 3/week appr. 18 000 / newsletter 600*400 / highlight 5/week

Kotiliesi recipes' special ad formats

Placement in right column

  • size 300x200px
  • weight 60 kb
  • image format (jpg, gif or png)
  • amount 2

Placement inside a recipe

  • size 630x50px
  • weight 60kb
  • image format (jpg, gif or png)

Mobile placement inside a recipe

  • size 250x70px
  • weight 60kb
  • image format (jpg, gif or png)

Video advertising (Outstream)

Outstream– Video will be placed in middle of article or on listing page. Video will open by itself as muted and sound will go on only if user chooses to.

Resolution: recommended 1920 x 1080 pixels (for vertical video 1080 x 1920)
Maximum file size:

  • When hosted by Otavamedia recommended 10 MB (max 15 MB)
  • Hosted by advertiser, recommended 5 MB (max 15 MB)

Formats: VAST-tag or MP4/MOV
Video length: max 30 seconds (technical extra fee for over 30 sec)
Aspect ratio: 16:9  (for vertical video 9:16)
Codec: recommended to be used H.264
Sound: Stereo audio 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz

Additional to video, click URL is required.

It is also possible to included separate tracking to video (click tracker and impression pixel) or video can be run through VAST 3 or VAST 4 – tags by DoubleClick, Adform or Sizmek.

End screen: After video has finished playing, it is possible to show clickable still image as end screen. Image has to be delivered as separate file in jpg, png or gif format. Image resolution has to be same than video’s and its’ maximum size is 100 kb.

Native Display ads

Native display ads are available on forum.


  • Headline: Maximum 25 characters
  • Body text: Maximum 90 characters
  • CTA / URL: Maximum 15 characters. For example: Read more, Click here, etc.
  • Brand/Advertiser name: Maximum 25 characters


  • Recommended size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Maximum weight: 120 kb
  • There can be also advertiser’s logo instead of picture


  • Clickthrough URL

Social Media Ad

Social Media Ad

  • The Social Media Ad is a lookalike version of a social media post including a header, text, image and a CTA-button. Otavamedia will create the finished ad from the materials provided.
  • This ad can be displayed on web site front pages and inserted in articles targeting to direct customers to an URL of your choice.
  • Optional CTA-button text, ex. Read more, Visit us, Buy here…

Material instructions

  • Material in size 300x600px (video, carousel, image, story)
  • The url of costumer’s social media post
  • It’s possible to redirect to two different landing domains e.g. social media home page and online store or the customer’s homepage

Material functionality, content and terms of sales

Material provider should test the functionality of the ad before sending it to publisher. If material is delivered late, it is not done according to technical guidelines, it contains questionable content or it does not function technically, publisher can’t guarantee the campaign to start in time. Ad needs to be distinctable from other content on the page.

Otavamedia Oy reserves all rights to remove material that is contrary to guidelines. Material will be re-activated when advertiser modifies it according to guidelines.

Terms of the cancellation

If the campaign is cancelled:

  • 15-30 days before campaign start, 25% of the price will be charged
  • 7-14 days before campaign start, 50% of the price will be charged
  • less than 7 days before campaign start, 100% of the price will be charged

If the campaign time is changed, new inventory check has to be made always. Please, contact the Ad Ops then.

Other terms

Otavamedia’s general terms of sales will applied to all orders. If the campaign ad happens to be shown in same section with competitor’s ad, no refunds will be made. Also no preview information will be shared about possible competitive campaigns in order to retain confidential collaboration between the customer and the media. Please don’t hesitate to contact in case you have any questions.