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Maistraatinportti 1
00015 Otavamedia, Finland

Tykistökatu 4
20520 Turku, Finland

+358 9 15 661

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Otavamedia OMA customers! Our desk is ready to serve you in all your media needs. Contact us at OmaDesk@otava.fi or our on-call number
+358 50 501 8276


E-invoicing address / EDI code:
003701968072 (Otavamedia Oy)
Operator ID code: BAWCFI22

Operator: Basware
Business ID: 0196807-2 VAT-registered
VAT number: FI01968072

Invoicing address
Otavamedia Oy
P.O. Box 298
00026 BASWARE, Finland



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