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For Media Agencies

Welcome to our very own Media Agency landing page. Here you can find all relevant topics, product news and information hand-picked for you!


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Media information 2023

Media information in English is also available. You can start from the section front page and work your way through summary, new schedules and themes with filtering and keyword search. Pretty nice, right? Naturally using navigation is a valid option too.

Case Kikkoman

Case Kikkoman is now available

A long-term co-operation with Berner and Kikkoman has now been summarized in a case-format. Using native and influencer marketing Kikkoman reached its goals for increasing sales and teaching Finns how to use soya in every day cooking.

We have a large variety of cases and examples of successful campaigns. All cases are in Finnish but we are happy to share information with you in English! Give your Otavamedia contact person a message about the case you’re interested in and let’s take it from there.

Target Audiences

We reach Finns at the point of their interest, which makes Otavamedia a very qualified media for print and online campaigns of your customer. Therefore we created Otava Profiles (Heimot in Finnish) for a wide reach and the best possible online and offline media mix.

Otava Audiences, IAB categories, and custom audiences are naturally also available.

Showroom for Digital Ad Formats

Presenting different Digital Ad Formats benefit greatly from actual examples so our Showroom is built for that sole purpose. At the beginning of the page you’ll see format, size and effect of the ad. When you scroll further down the page, there is a link box taking you to Nexd, Just Premium visuals and a link to Polar Ads where you can create an instant mockup of your social media post. Once again, please don’t hesitate to ask in case you’re wondering something.

Presentations & Downloads

Info December 2022

December info for media agencies concentrates on our quality audiences and people united by certain interests to Otava Profiles. This material explains the logic and reason behind our audiences and deepens our knowledge on the golfers as a target audience, not as players of the game.

More information about audiences and profiles you’ll get from your Otavamedia contact person or ask The best answers to golf-related questions gives

Please ask more from your Otavamedia contact person or

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