Blog Cooperation

The effectiveness of blog cooperation is based on the fact that the experiences of a real person are considered more believable. Otavamedia’s bloggers are respected opinion leaders in their target groups

Why should you start doing blog cooperation?

Blog cooperation provides the advertiser with a way of communicating with the desired target group in a convincing manner through an influencer that they respect. Readers who follow bloggers are already very committed to the content produced by the blogger, and they consider the blogger’s way of dealing with issues to be interesting and effective – suitable for their view of their life situation. Commercial cooperation means that the advertiser benefits from the blogger’s existing, enthusiastic reader base and the style that originally made the blogger popular. The peer experience offered by bloggers is an outstanding channel to, for example, launch new products to a target group, strengthen or alter a brand image in the desired target group.

Otavamedia’s blog network provides advertisers with many commercial opportunities in different formats, ranging from a baby food test group run by a family blogger to a globetrotters holiday posts and from light product testing to professional-level do-it-yourself beauty care videos.

All in all, our network has more than 60 blog, and commercial cooperation is possible in 30 of these. Specialised topics focus on families, home, food, interior decorating, beauty, fashion and well-being.

Who reads blogs?

  • Two-thirds of all Finns over the age of 12 read blogs
  • Reading blogs is most popular among people aged 12-34
  • Half of blog followers have a positive attitude towards advertising in them, and the percentage is even higher among readers under the age of 34
    (Source: NRS, Spring 2017
  • Otavamedia blogs have about two million reads each month.