Magazine Advertising

A magazine is a media for interested people. Reading a magazine is personal time to enjoy content, both editorial and advertising, we have chosen ourselves.

Although the surrounding world is changing, there is one thing that cannot be replaced electronically: the unhurried atmosphere that comes from reading a printed magazine. People still want to relax, and be entertained and inspired by a magazine. This is why it is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to reach readers among their own interests, as they search for new ideas.

And these aren’t the only good reasons for advertising in a magazine: We have listed five more here:

1. People want to reserve time to enjoy reading a magazine

A cup of coffee and a peaceful moment or reading material for a train journey: People want a magazine to provide relaxation and entertainment, and that’s why they reserve time to read it. At best, people spend more than 90 minutes reading Otavamedia’s magazines – an hour and a half! In addition, they don’t get everything out of magazine issues all at once, but return to it 2-3 times. In other words, an advertisement has a lot of time to make an impression on the reader.

2. People have a positive attitude towards magazine ads

Reading a magazine is an intimate and unhurried time – after all, it’s just the magazine and the reader. The advertisements are also encountered without any sense of hurry Advertising is considered a natural part of magazine content: three out of four readers have a positive or very positive attitude towards ads. The ads aren’t irritating because it’s so easy to turn the page. At best, visuality and quality printing make the reader stop and fall in love with an ad.

3. It’s easy to target advertising

An advertiser’s message is communicated in a selected environment, because the readers are already interested in the advertisers’ product groups. Otavamedia’s 25 magazines are regularly read by 2.2 million Finns, and we are constantly studying their interests, characteristics, consumer behaviour, values, attitudes, and how they relate to advertising. Since we know our readers, we can offer advertisers the best solutions to encounter them.

For example, our magazines reach 59% of men who are interested in renovation and construction and 51% of women who are interested in well-being and health. Find out more about our well-known media brands. Special solutions and inserts can highlight an ad in the media environment.

4. Readers are committed

An average of 85% of Otavamedia’s magazines are subscriptions, which demonstrates the strong commitment of readers. People look forward to the magazines and read them regularly. An interested person also notices advertising better, spends more time with it and is more likely to act on the basis of it.

5. A magazine is an important source of information and supports the purchasing process

The effectiveness of magazines in terms of how they influence a consumer’s purchasing intentions and the entire purchasing process is overwhelming in comparison to other media. Along with ideas and tips, readers use magazines to compare product features and find support for the purchasing decision. A significance of a magazine is also strong in terms of increasing brand recognition. A magazine is a media for interested people.

Even in online terms, a magazine is a convincing advertising channel

We used digital math to calculate the impressions of a single Otavamedia magazine. They totalled 34 million/week. The frequency is determined by the reader – and readers come back to a magazine many times. And, instead of an IP address, we know the subscriber’s name, address, areas of interest and the length of the customer relationship.

Even in online terms, a magazine is a convincing advertising channel with good reach.