Native Advertising

Interest in native advertising is growing all the time – with good reason – because it’s the best method to, for example, create purchasing interest.

Why should you do native advertising with Otavamedia? Goals of  native campaign What is good native advertising like? Native solutions at Otavamedia Native campaign reporting

What is native advertising? And why should you be doing it?

Native advertising is:

  • Getting an interested consumer to commit
  • Content marketing in paid media
  • Quality content that provides added value and with which the consumer wants to spend time

Native advertising has more space for messages than traditional advertising, and the advantage of the solutions is their activating nature.  There are several different elements and storytelling styles and they are easy to combine for your needs, regardless of whether you want to instruct, inspire or activate people. In summary, at its best, native advertising is a very cost-effective marketing method for reaching your commercial targets.

Why should you do native advertising with Otavamedia?

We are a trusted native advertising partner. In an IRO corporate image survey of media companies, advertisers selected Otavamedia’s native advertising content as the best for the second year in a row.

We believe that, in addition to our creative and quality native solutions, this success is the result of our experience of Finnish consumers and their areas of interest: We know how consumers with varied interests act in different channels, so we can plan and implement native advertising solutions that truly meet the needs of the target groups and support our customers’ business.

Goals of a native campaign

We can take different business goals into consideration in your campaign content and help you achieve them.

Alter a brand image

Native advertising is an effective way to try and influence brand images, because native content gives the company’s message more space and it has diverse storytelling methods. For example, the message can be expressed in the form of an image, text, video or even a game. In addition to changing a brand image, research shows that native advertising is an excellent way of inspiring purchasing interest.

Reach a certain target group

Tell us what kind of target group you would like your campaign to reach and we’ll choose a suitable online platform and magazine from the Otavamedia selection, and then tailor native advertising content that appeals to that target group. We also have access to a comprehensive social media network that we utilise in campaigns.

Achieve a change in search engine findability

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of a native advertising campaign. Search engines value our online service highly, so the native content published in them is effectively highlighted in the search results. When we link native content to your company’s website, we share this value with it and this improves the visibility of the company website in search engines.

Collect leads

If you want to collect contact information for a company newsletter, this is easy to do via native advertising while complying with data protection laws. Competitions and surveys are fun and user friendly methods to gather contact information.

Direct visitor flows to specific content

Our motto is: The most expensive content is content that no one reads. Native content is a natural way to guide people to the desired content, which readers have not found yet. This provides the content with the audience that it deserves.

Perform research

If you want to collect information about your company’s products or services from consumers, we can use a survey to produce this information in conjunction with native advertising.

Create phenomena

We can develop an impressive buzz around a company by combining different forms of native advertising, such as articles, influencer marketing and advertorials. We use content to create discussion and emotions and we share stories, which is a necessary part of developing a phenomenon.

What is good native advertising like?

According to Kantar TNS Content and native marketing in Finland 2016 study, consumers want native advertising to provide quality content.

A brand should:

  • Serve the consumer
  • Innovatively produce content that stands out from the competitor and is here and now
  • Produce content that is close to journalistic format
  • Communicate a quality image
  • Use content to support elements that are already associated with the brand

A brand should not:

  • Use superlatives to talk about a product
  • Use public figures who are already associated with strong images
  • Utilise testimonials superficially, in other words, only positive comments.

Native solutions at Otavamedia

Native articles

Advertising content based on a traditional article provides information and tells a story. We produce articles on a turnkey basis for all Otavamedia online platforms. The native content format has no limits For example, it can be a photo gallery, list or survival story.


Advertorials published in magazines are commercial content written in the form of a news article. Advertorials published in print have good attention value and enrich a native campaign implemented online.

Influencer marketing

Otavamedia’s online platforms have a comprehensive blog network that includes some of the country’s most popular blog influencers. You’ll find commercial blog portals on,, and Commercial blog cooperation is an excellent way to utilise a blogger’s existing audience.

Test groups

A test group is one of our most popular native formats when launching a new product or product family. The test concept includes several content items and, including recruiting, it lasts approximately two months. A test group can consist of up to 100 people.


We build different competitions in conjunction with native content or as independent concepts. A competition allows users to participate, which has been proven to be meaningful. Among other things, they have been challenged to develop new recipes and decorate a reading corner.


Active and fun games get users to spend time with advertising content. The games we develop are optimised for mobile use.

Online tests

Online tests are a popular way to spend time that we also create to meet advertiser needs. During the test, users respond to questions and receive a selected end result based on the answers. Tests can be used to enlighten people and increase awareness about a desired topic.

Events as part of a campaign

Otavamedia is involved in more than 100 events during the year. In conjunction with a native campaign, we offer the opportunity for visibility at a suitable event. There are many options: visibility can be sponsoring, product placement or active participation in a programme. We also participate in many exhibitions and organise reader evenings around magazine brands, for which we tailor visibility.

Native campaign reporting

After a campaign ends, we deliver a comprehensive report on the campaign numbers and visibility elements. Reporting includes the following:

  • Page downloads
  • Unique visitors
  • Time spent
  • CTR of display directing to the campaign
  • Social media contacts, shares and likes

Subject to separate agreement, also

Clicks per week

  • Collected leads
  • Transitions to retailer pages
  • A study of the entire campaign or part of it.