Mobile Advertising

The popularity of mobile among consumers is growing at an amazing pace: the majority of Finns already use the internet on their smart phones. This also opens up unprecedented opportunities for advertisers.

Mobile use keeps growing. A total of 74% of Finns (aged 16-74) use a smart phone, and 66% of them use the internet on their phones for an average of 33 minutes per day. Smart phones are also present right from the morning, because 70% of mobile users start the day by turning on their phone.

Advertising on Otavamedia’s mobile sites

Since Otavamedia offers quality content regardless of device, the user can choose the most pleasant way to consume content. Mobile users make up a significant part of visitors to our sites, with 70 % of users accessing our sites on mobile devices. Otavamedia’s mobile network reaches 2.5 million different visitors and produces 60 million page views per month. Our mobile sites offers diverse opportunities to target advertising in different ways, for example:

  • According to interest-specific group
  • According to the visitor’s interest using the Vainu tool
  • Based on time or location, according to terminal device or demographics

Advertising in applications

Consumers who download an application often use it many times per day, which provides good visibility for an ad. Otavamedia’s brand applications are very popular, and they have been downloaded more than 600,000 times. The most downloaded applications are,, and For example, up to 60% of mobile views in the Ampparit application take place via the application.

Rich media solutions

Mobile advertising offers the opportunity for very special advertising solutions. In a Scratch version, you let the consumer scratch your ad open while a Float ad floats on the consumer’s phone.