Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying systems offer tools for real-time purchasing, targeting and optimisation of different types of digital visibility. They eliminate manual work phases and make digital advertising processes more efficient.

Programmatic buying is beginning to establish itself among Finnish media and advertisers. At its best, programmatic buying enables the utilisation of data purchased in real time for accurately targeted advertising.

Programmatic buying is one of the many ways to purchase online advertising from Otavamedia. Among other things, it allows customers to utilise their own data in online advertising. Buying can be done programmatically from us via these services:

  • Pubmatic
  • Adform
  • Google Ad Exchange
  • Rubicon
  • DistrictM
  • Teads: Muuvi outstream videos

All of Otavamedia’s online services can be purchased programmatically. For example, we have ready targeting solutions for men, women or even buying that targets a specific online service. Our largest online services are optimised for mobile use, so you can target your visibility at all terminal devices also programmatically. Visually impressive advertising formats are some of the most popular formats: parade and wallpaper, parade on desktop, and swipe and parade in mobile.

Deal ensures your visibility in the agreed media environment

We recommend that our customers use Deal ID as part of programmatic buying. A deal is a good idea when a lot of purchases are made via programmatic buying. This ensures your visibility in the agreed media environment or target group, and we can agree on the CPM price used in advanced. A deal is created between two systems, so that the systems recognise each other and use agreed terms. Deals can be made for Pubmatic and Adform. If you don’t have a deal yet, ask your Otavamedia contact person about it.