By Time and Place

Reach consumers at the right time in the right place.

When you target your advertising according to time and place, you can access the consumer’s micro-moments and be present when purchasing decisions are made. According to research*, one-third of consumers choose a different brand than originally planned because the other brand offered better information at the right time.

Targeting according to time and place provides opportunities

Advertising can be targeted for consumers at, for example, a certain time of day or on a certain day of the week. Targeting can also be done according to location, for example, only to certain cities. Regional targeting is also possible on the basis of IP address.

GEO, or geographic targeting, is also possible in mobile applications. This reaches a carefully specified audience in, for example, a city-specific campaign. GEO targeting is based on the consumer’s IP address and GPS positioning, which shows where the consumer is.

*Source: Google/Ipsos, U.S. May 2015: Consumers in the Micro-Moment.
(Wawe 2 & Wawe 3)