Real-time Advertising

A real-time advertising campaign is part of an event, weather conditions, data, TV programme or even a social media phenomenon. When the advertising content is adapted as the campaign progresses, your message remains up-to-date all the time.

Real-time advertising is an interesting form of advertising that stands out and increases the attention value of an advertisement. The real-time element allows you to react quickly to changing situations. Advertising reaches the potential target audience at just the right time with an appropriate message in a quality media environment.

How does real-time advertising work?

Changing and updating the ads is easy and quick, and everything can be accomplished with one program. For example, if an advertising campaign focuses on a sports event, the ad shown can be selected according to what happens in the game. This attracts consumer interest in a completely new way.

The ads are updated according to the concept chosen for the campaign. The ad can have fields that are updated manually or automatically with information that comes from an outside source. The data used can be collected globally from different sources of information and results services.

Otavamedia’s real-time advertising

A real-time advertising campaign runs on all Otavamedia sites, including the and all NettiX sites. If the aim is for the campaign to reach a certain demographic audience, a male or female target group can be selected for the campaign. Campaigns can also be targeted according to date or time. Users can also be reached by news category on

Requirements and ad formats for real-time advertising

The customer delivers the ad materials or visual look for the campaign, and we update the message in a jointly agreed manner. Alternatively, we can do the concept design and take responsibility for banner production. There are several possible methods for implementation. A campaign can have several banners, with a suitable one chosen according to the situation. The banner message can also be updated in real time.

The advertising campaign can be implemented as a display campaign in parade ad format or as a video ad that is visible on all Otavamedia sites. Advertising is implemented with HTML technology and it works on desktop and mobile.