Vainu Online Targeting

Our online targeting tool helps your advertising reach consumers that are interested in your sector – and have purchasing interest.

Do you want to target your advertising according to consumer interest on Otavamedia’s more than 30 websites? We can make it happen. We have identified topics that interest visitors to our site and packaged them into Vainu interest basketsWe already have more than 100 different Vainu baskets and we identify 60 million cookies every week. Our Vainu is based on Frosmo technology

Baskets built from cookies are based on users that have visited a website related to a certain topic of interest at least twice during one week. For example, if Matti is looking for station wagons on and then moves to the site to discuss cars, our Vainu knows how and which cars should be advertised to Matti. Vainu cookies have a lifespan of just one week. This ensures that the data collected by Vainu is current and fresh.

Highly accurate targeting

Vainu allows you to target your advertising very accurately. Let’s look at an example: One of our Vainu baskets is People interested in entertainment and entertainment electronics. It is divided into sub-baskets, one of which is people interested in entertainment electronics. This is still not accurate enough for Vainu and it collects user data about, for example, People interested in cameras. This allows you to target your advertising to those people in particular.

Here you can see a few of our Vainu baskets and the size of them.