According to Interest

The most effective way to reach the most potential buyers is among their own interests. We can target advertising according to interest, both online and in magazines.

People spend a long time with Otavamedia content. We know Finns as well as what they’re interested in and activated by. For years, we have been offering consumers meaningful content that is independent of the channel, via one of the largest online media environments in Finland and our numerous magazines.

We believe that the most potential buyers are most effectively reached among their own interests. Research has proven that consumers are also more open to advertising when it’s seen in a relevant and interesting media environment.

Targeting advertising according to interest in the Otavamedia network

Consumers spend a lot of time with topics that are important to them. The analytics on our websites tell a lot about Finns and the topics that interest them: when they search cars, when they look for tips on home decorating or cooking, and when they spend time with online entertainment.

Otavamedia is one of Finland’s largest online operators. We encounter 3 million Finns a month in our nearly 30 online services, which range from niche interest-specific communities to sites aimed at large masses. Each visit to Otavamedia’s online content lasts on average over 12 minutes, which is by far the most on Finnish sites. (Source: ComScore, KMT autumn 2015/spring 2016)

We have packaged topics that interest our online visitors into interest target group baskets. We already have more than 100 different baskets that are updated every week. We use cookies to follow the user’s path on the sites and we utilise the data provided by them to target advertising with Frosmo technology.

Targeting advertising according to interest in Otavamedia magazines

We publish a total of 25 public periodical magazines in Finland, many of which are market leaders in their sectors. People read our periodicals because the subscribers are interested in the topics addressed in the magazines. Readers spend a long time with their magazine, enjoying the content and advertising pages in a relaxed manner without any sense of hurry. Finns spend an average of 59 minutes reading a single magazine issue. Readers spend an amazing 100 minutes with Otavamedia’s most popular magazines.

Each year, we ask our magazine readers about their areas of interest. Based on this information, we can also direct advertising precisely to those target groups who are interested in a certain topic. Interest-based targeting for a specific group can be done with an insert or with targeted advertising.

Targeted inserts

An insert in a magazine is sure to be noticed. A customer insert can be added only to those magazines delivered to subscribers who have indicated an interest in, for example, cooking or well-being. An insert can also be added to the entire edition of a magazine or targeted only to single copy buyers.

Targeted advertisements

For example, advertising material can target subscribers who live only in a certain area, who are interested in a specific topic, or only single copy buyers.