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Toukola is a unique lifestyle media focused on short videos.

Toukola offers relaxed and approachable instructional videos and inspiration for home makers and do-it-yourselfers. We are the only domestic magazine media in Finland that reaches consumers with regular short videos on home, cooking and DIY topics.

Relaxed and inspiring videos

We conducted a survey at to better understand the needs of our customers. The feedback highlighted a clear demand for simple everyday cooking recipes and DIY advice. In response to this, our team brainstormed and decided to present these tips and recipes in the form of concise videos, aligning with the ongoing trend of increasing video consumption.

Videos are published on Toukola every weekday to help readers solve everyday challenges and get inspired. The content covers food, interior design, DIY, crafts and gardening.

Journalistic Toukola videos are produced by Sanna Mansikkamäki and Anni Reenpää from Kotiliesi and commercial videos by Noora Sipilä and Mikko Marttinen.
The short videos are placed on Kotiliesi Toukola website, which will live with the seasons in the Kotiliesi magazine and on social media.

Take a video tour in Toukola and learn about being a commercial partner (subtitles in English).

Toukola is more than a place

Toukola is an actual farm located in Nuuksio, on the shores of the lake, in a green and atmospheric courtyard. The long history of the farm dates back to the Reenpää cultural family in the 1940s, and it was renamed Toukola in 1983. (The Otava Group is fully owned by the Reenpää family and the Otava Book Foundation.)

The red-multicoloured buildings and log walls of Toukola create a cosy atmosphere and take you back to your childhood summer cottage. As a concept, Toukola is more than a place. It is a “mindset”: down-to-earth, do-it-yourself, enjoying good food and life.

Be a part of the success story

There are partnership packages available! You have options from Continuous visibility for 6, 3 or 1 months to a Spotlight on social media. Besides the campaign and the video produced you as the advertiser will also get the video for your own use. Your Otavamedia contact person is happy to tell you more about Toukola!


Social media and online

  • Unique page views close to 3 million / month
  • Users over 2 million / month

Other media

  • Kotiliesi-magazine readers 210 000
  • Newsletter subscribers 50 000

Sources: Toukola social media and home page April 2024, Google Analytics, Kotiliesi National Readership Survey 2023, Kantar TNS Oy. 


Toukola audience is especially interested in these topics

Short video concepts

Toukola media offers six ready-made short video concepts

  • Bring your brand to Toukola's video content

    1. Choose a video concept that suits your brand (e.g. Ready in 15 minutes)
    2. Select the products to be featured in the video
    3. Leave the production to the Toukola team
    4. Your brand will be featured in Toukola media, Kotiliesi award-winning social media channels and magazine, as well as extensively in Otavamedia's other brands.

Toukola concepts

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