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MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Anna13.1.202413.12.202315.12.2023Lightly towards the new year! Easy weight management and healthy food.
Anna210.1.202420.12.202322.12.2023Hair trends in 2024 and the best new products for hair care.
Anna317.1.202429.12.20233.1.2024Glow for winter skin: gentle and effective skincare. Relief from intimate problems.
Anna424.1.20248.1.202410.1.2024Baking extra: pies and other savoury dishes. Menopause as the health theme.
Anna531.1.202415.1.202417.1.2024Food trends from around the world: spicy Asian flavours. Jewels of market fashion.
Anna67.2.202422.1.202424.1.2024The interior design issue turns the gaze towards spring: the new patterns of interior textiles. Mascaras tested by beauty experts.
Anna714.2.202429.1.202431.1.2024Dreaming of an active holiday? Inspiring ideas for planning travels. Must-reads for the spring.
Anna821.2.20245.2.20247.2.2024Big spring fashion issue. Awesome accessories. Day creams with SPF as the beauty theme.
Anna928.2.202412.2.202414.2.2024Get rid of stomach problems. Must-have body care products as the beauty theme.
Anna106.3.202419.2.202421.2.2024The great jacket competition. The best spring jackets for every body type. Hair extra: spring hair colour trends & best tips and care products for home dyeing. 
Anna1113.3.202426.2.202428.2.2024Baking extra. Treats for the Easter coffee table. The best of market cosmetics.
Anna1220.3.20244.3.20246.3.2024A fresh Easter menu and the best wines. Green plants as the interior design theme.
Anna13-1427.3.202411.3.202413.3.2024An extensive Easter double issue. A quick getaway by boat. Oral health as the health theme.
Anna1510.4.202421.3.202425.3.2024Rise and shine and go out for a run. Comfy outdoor clothing and equipment. Testing pharmacy cosmetics.
Anna1617.4.202428.3.20243.4.2024Spice up the kitchen: decor and appliances. Tips for cheap everyday meals.
Anna1724.4.20248.4.202410.4.2024Accessories and jewellery as the fashion theme. Sparkling wines for the spring festivities.
Anna1830.4.202411.4.202415.4.2024Spring beauty extra. Testing self-tanners. Tempting new fragrances.
Anna198.5.202419.4.202423.4.2024Savoury and sweet treats for the spring and summer festivities. Courtyards and balconies as the interior design theme.
Anna2015.5.202425.4.202429.4.2024A magnificent summer fashion issue. The most beautiful summer dresses and accessories. Sunscreens as the beauty theme.
Anna2122.5.20243.5.20247.5.2024Becoming middle-aged as the health theme: monitoring health values and updating lifestyles. 
Anna2229.5.202413.5.202415.5.2024Swimwear for every body type. Testing exfoliating creams.
Anna235.6.202420.5.202422.5.2024New ideas for domestic travel. Abdominal well-being as the health theme.
Anna2412.6.202427.5.202429.5.2024Reading extra: new books and editors’ choices for the summer. Decorating ideas for summer homes.
Anna25-2619.6.20243.6.20245.6.2024Midsummer double issue: a festive menu and the best drinks for the start of the summer.
Anna273.7.202414.6.202418.6.2024Holidaymakers’ beauty products: hair and skin care. The series ‘Summer home of the week’ begins.
Anna2810.7.202424.6.202426.6.2024Food week for cottage: easy, hassle-free and inexpensive summer food. Wellness and care of the feet.
Anna2917.7.20241.7.20243.7.2024Summer baking extra: sweet and packed with berries.
Anna3024.7.20248.7.202410.7.2024Easy catering for a yard or cottage party in late summer. Testing moisturising shampoos.
Anna3131.7.202415.7.202417.7.2024Liver spots and other skin pigment disorders: how to treat. Eye wellness as the health theme.
Anna327.8.202422.7.202424.7.2024Back to everyday life. Cheap everyday food and a quick update of the wardrobe. Get rid of swelling.
Anna3314.8.202429.7.202431.7.2024Hair extra: hair wellness and intensive treatments.
Anna3421.8.20245.8.20247.8.2024Wellness extra: recovery and preventing stress. Mild exercise.
Anna3528.8.202412.8.202414.8.2024Amazing autumn fashion. Anna’s super popular jacket competition and the most stylish accessories.
Anna364.9.202419.8.202421.8.2024Harvest season in full swing: autumn’s inspiring food issue and wine tips.
Anna3711.9.202426.8.202428.8.2024Inspiring interior design issue: trends and events. Moisturising serums as the beauty theme.
Anna3818.9.20242.9.20244.9.2024Travel theme: culture on a city break. Abdominal well-being as the health theme.
Anna3925.9.20249.9.202411.9.2024Book issue: reading experiences for the autumn. Easy but inventive weekend food.
Anna402.10.202416.9.202418.9.2024Pink ribbon issue: peer support for breast cancer. Testing night creams.
Anna419.10.202423.9.202425.9.2024More organised home: storage solutions as the interior design theme. The best of natural cosmetics.
Anna4216.10.202430.9.20242.10.2024Autumn’s great beauty extra: colour cosmetics and mascaras. Amazing transformations.
Anna4323.10.20247.10.20249.10.2024Food issue. Pastas and risotto. Autumn’s red wines.
Anna4430.10.202414.10.202416.10.2024Puffy coats are in. Anna’s winter coat competition: vote for your favourite. Jewels of pharmacy cosmetics.
Anna456.11.202421.10.202423.10.2024Light in the dark: home lighting as the interior design theme. Treating intimate problems.
Anna4613.11.202428.10.202430.10.2024Sleep and relaxation are the wellness themes. Simple meals in an oven tray.
Anna4720.11.20244.11.20246.11.2024Christmas party extra: festive clothing and makeup. Lovely new fragrances.
Anna4827.11.202411.11.202413.11.2024Anna’s jury selected the best cosmetic products of the year. Baking Christmas treats.
Anna494.12.202418.11.202420.11.2024An extensive Christmas food extra. The best wines for the Christmas table.
Anna5011.12.202422.11.202426.11.2024Book gifts for Christmas. Inspiration for Christmas decorations.
Anna51-5218.12.202429.11.20243.12.2024A festive Christmas double issue. New Year’s menu and drinks. A trend review for 2025.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Deko13.1.20245.12.202311.12.2023Trends in 2024: colours and new phenomena. Strong Finnish design. New ideas for a remote workstation.
Deko231.1.20248.1.202411.1.2024A functional utility room and devices that make everyday life easier. House plants. 
Deko36.3.202412.2.202415.2.2024Great kitchen issue: new models, renovation or quick fix. New surface materials. Cleaning and housekeeping beautifully in everyday life.
Deko43.4.20247.3.202412.3.2024A fresh spring home: update textiles, curtain guide. The most attractive new products in interior design.
Deko52.5.20248.4.202411.4.2024Summer homes. Make the bathroom inviting: tiles and other new products. Set the table for a party. Enjoy your small courtyard.
Deko612.6.202420.5.202423.5.2024Deko 20 years anniversary issue. Great home issue. Design tour in Finland and in our neighbouring country.
Deko77.8.202415.7.202418.7.2024Back to everyday life. Enjoy your living room. New electronic products. Bring art home.
Deko84.9.202412.8.202415.8.2024Habitare trade fair: New trends in interior design. New look for your kitchen at an affordable price. Ideas for a children’s room.
Deko930.10.20247.10.202410.10.2024Update storage ideas. Functional and comfortable mini homes. 
Deko1027.11.20244.11.20247.11.2024Deko’s great Christmas issue. Beautiful Christmas — Deko’s style. Lovely Christmas atmosphere in the city. Tips for the best Christmas gifts.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Erä117.1.202420.12.202327.12.2023Jigs and winter fishing. We found out how vertical jigs swim, tips for burbot jigging, facts about jigging Arctic charr. Comparison of ice boxes, i.e. seats for a jigger.
Erä214.2.202422.1.202425.1.2024Covering the Kala23 competition, big and small fish. Comparison of winter hikers’ break clothes.
Erä313.3.202419.2.202422.2.2024For spring ice and snow. Tips for coastal perch jiggers on late ice, how to succeed in beaver hunting. Comparison of twig stoves.
Erä417.4.202421.3.202426.3.2024Hunting boats and equipment. We go kayaking in the spring sea, make a troller’s bait holder case for 20 ready-made baitfish holders. Comparison of hook sharpeners.
Erä515.5.202418.4.202423.4.2024Heading for open water and spring excursions. Introducing cast jigging techniques and gimmicks, we fish and prepare food from Baltic herring. The wilderness areas of Espoo offer nature and culture. Comparison of camping saws.
Erä612.6.202420.5.202423.5.2024Nature. Giant trout are returning to Porttipahta’s artificial lake. Comparison of mosquito repellents and clothing.
Erä717.7.202424.6.202427.6.2024Recreational fishing and hiking close by. Instructions for adjusting the wobbler. We go fishing for whitefish and halibut that grows large. Comparison of rods for multiplicator reels.
Erä821.8.202429.7.20241.8.2024Hiking and trekking: equipment and destinations. Hiking report. Instructions for using open fire accommodation such as a lean-to. Comparison of anoraks. 
Erä918.9.202426.8.202429.8.2024Hunting and weapons. Bird hunting in the outer islets of Porkkala. Quick test of Aimpoint red dot sight. Comparison of fishermen’s line scissors.
Erä1016.10.202423.9.202426.9.2024Wilderness electronics and wilderness tourism. We discuss the differences in hiking traditions between Finns and Swedes.
Erä1120.11.202428.10.202431.10.2024Wilderness food and wilderness tradition. We’re making camping food. Comparison of water purifiers for drinking natural water.
Erä1211.12.202415.11.202420.11.2024What has been tried and compared during the season. Erä’s selections for lures of the year in different categories.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Golflehti16.3.20242.2.202414.2.2024Instruments and equipment.
Golflehti28.5.20245.4.202417.4.2024Domestic golf summer.
Golflehti326.6.202424.5.20245.6.2024Golf tourism.
Golflehti423.10.202420.9.20242.10.2024Winter training, many forms of golf.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kanava725.10.20243.10.20248.10.2024Non-fiction books. Kanava non-fiction award.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kippari110.1.20247.12.202312.12.2023Large outboards in boats: what to consider, is the one behind the wheel skilful enough.
Kippari27.2.202415.1.202418.1.2024Great trade fair issue. Up-to-date boat comparison.
Kippari313.3.202419.2.202422.2.2024Special engine technology issue, including the results of Kippari magazine’s two-year outboard motor test.
Kippari410.4.202414.3.202419.3.2024A comprehensive overview of the season’s equipment innovations. Pair comparison of used boats.
Kippari515.5.202418.4.202423.4.2024Travel boating, boating skills and safety equipment for boats.
Kippari612.6.202420.5.202423.5.2024Theme issue on cottage boating and other small boats. 
Kippari710.7.202414.6.202419.6.2024Water sports theme, water jets and other motorised equipment for the waters.
Kippari814.8.202422.7.202425.7.2024Up-to-date boat comparison.
Kippari911.9.202419.8.202422.8.2024Boat repairs after the boating season. Presentation of a renovation project.
Kippari109.10.202416.9.202419.9.2024Up-to-date equipment comparison together with Vene.
Kippari1113.11.202421.10.202424.10.2024Basic renovation of boats’ electrical equipment.
Kippari1211.12.202415.11.202420.11.2024Boat and boating specialties from around the world.


  • Update 26.6.2024 issue 22-23 is a double issue with a new schedule; 18.1.2024 special theme on issues 8 and 9, Toukola-appendix re-scheduled to issue 9.
MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kotiliesi13.1.20244.12.20238.12.2023Special issue on women’s health: What a woman needs to know about her well-being at different ages. Already familiar with the planetary health diet? 
Kotiliesi217.1.202419.12.202322.12.2023Save on food costs without compromising taste. How I get by with little money – readers tell their experiences. Reduce your alcohol consumption.
Kotiliesi331.1.20245.1.202410.1.2024Building materials and boost from vitamins. Are you familiar with the benefits of new vitamins? Healthy and fresh citrus treats.
Kotiliesi414.2.202419.1.202424.1.2024Winter holiday issue. Relief from rashes. Greek food classics.
Kotiliesi528.2.20242.2.20247.2.2024House plant care. New ways to put a stop to snoring. The most wonderful rolls and breads.
Kotiliesi613.3.202416.2.202421.2.2024Great spring issue: new food and table setting ideas for the Easter table. Spring dreams for the yard and garden.
Kotiliesi727.3.20241.3.20246.3.2024Lovely Estonia. A travel guide to the Baltics. Treat your fickle travel stomach correctly. Baltic delicacies at home.
Kotiliesi810.4.202413.3.202418.3.2024A grill kiosk at home: sausage and potatoes and other familiar grilled food. Keep your eyes healthy. When to see an eye specialist and optician?
Kotiliesi924.4.202427.3.20243.4.2024Gorgeous Toukola spring appendix: food, garden, table settings. May Day issue: Let’s dream — the most wonderful cottages and villas in Finland. Prevent teeth from darkening and whiten safely.
Kotiliesi108.5.202411.4.202416.4.2024Mother’s day issue: festive table setting for mom. Lovely, strong hair.
Kotiliesi1122.5.202424.4.202429.4.2024Graduation, spring and summer cake buffet. Beautiful glasses and dishes for the table and as a gift. Sustainable and ecological gifts for spring parties. Finland’s cutest pet competition is announced. The best tricks for hair removal.
Kotiliesi125.6.202410.5.202415.5.2024Summer’s hottest barbecue tips: pizza, griddle and smoker. Travelling by land. Easy train and bus routes, adult interrail. Toenail care.
Kotiliesi1319.6.202424.5.202429.5.2024Midsummer issue: Summer picnic on the pier. Early summer flower splendour and new products for the garden. Lighten pigment spots.
Kotiliesi143.7.20246.6.202411.6.2024Choose the cutest pet in Finland. Strawberry treats. Treat abdominal swelling.
Kotiliesi1517.7.202420.6.202426.6.2024Great idol issue: they are admired by Finns — nostalgia and current faces. Famous food celebrities reveal their favourite recipes. Treat wounds properly. Summer at a small cottage.
Kotiliesi1631.7.20245.7.202410.7.2024Berry pies. The most beautiful summer bouquets. Help with itching privates.
Kotiliesi1714.8.202419.7.202424.7.2024Sports issue. Sports for everyone. Delicacies from tomatoes. Take care of the pipes in your home.
Kotiliesi1828.8.20242.8.20247.8.2024How to get by on Tinder. A boost from protein supplements. Use lingonberries in lovely pastries.
Kotiliesi1911.9.202416.8.202421.8.2024Interior design issue: The new look of the autumn home, the best picks from the Habitare trade fair. Do gel nails ruin your nails? Evening tea and supper are served.
Kotiliesi2025.9.202430.8.20244.9.2024The best root vegetables of the harvest season. Chronic urticaria. A new autumn style for an adult woman.
Kotiliesi219.10.202413.9.202418.9.2024Books for autumn. Surface renovation at home: the repairman advises. When do I need to get a hearing aid? Are you already familiar with these vegetable proteins? New vegetarian favourites.
Kotiliesi22-2323.10.202425.9.20242.10.2024Christmas in Toukola special issue. Lovely Christmas preparations: food, interior design, crafting, atmosphere, flowers, decoration.
Kotiliesi2413.11.202418.10.202423.10.2024Delicious Christmas pastries with new twists. How to choose the right skis, how to care for skis. A stunning party style for an adult woman.
Kotiliesi2527.11.20241.11.20246.11.2024Treat your acid-free stomach. Delicious snacks for a glogg evening.
Kotiliesi2611.12.202414.11.202419.11.2024Kotiliesi’s traditional Christmas table. Stomach-friendly exercise. Clean your home with the tips of a professional cleaner. Delicious snacks for game night.

Kotiliesi Käsityö

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Kotiliesi Käsityö110.1.202413.12.202318.12.2023Dress smartly with layers for everyday life. Easy accessories for the winter. Colourful sweaters.
Kotiliesi Käsityö213.3.202419.2.202422.2.2024Sew the spring’s multi-purpose party outfits. Beginner’s sweaters.
Kotiliesi Käsityö315.5.202418.4.202423.4.2024The cornerstones of summer style: clothes that can be combined with each other. New version of a T-shirt. Crocheted summer accessories.
Kotiliesi Käsityö417.7.202424.6.202427.6.2024Great new ideas for jersey. Easy jackets.
Kotiliesi Käsityö518.9.202426.8.202429.8.2024Wool sock extra. The prettiest dresses of autumn.
Kotiliesi Käsityö613.11.202421.10.202424.10.2024Make your own Christmas gifts. Sweatshirts for the whole family. Low-budget sweaters as Christmas gifts.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Koululainen110.1.202413.12.202318.12.2023Winner of the Fair Class competition. Brisk for the new year.
Koululainen27.2.202415.1.202418.1.2024Our furry and scaly friends. Winner of the Pet of the Year competition.
Koululainen313.3.202419.2.202422.2.2024The stars of the UMK competition. Easter is pure chocolate!
Koululainen410.4.202414.3.202419.3.2024Koululainen turns 80. The anniversary issue full of history and memories. Treats for celebrations.
Koululainen58.5.202412.4.202417.4.2024Tube and Tiktok extra. New crafting ideas.
Koululainen65.6.202413.5.202416.5.2024The whole summer outside. Good reads for the summer.
Koululainen710.7.202414.6.202419.6.2024Summer’s giant issue: 100 pages of reading and tests for holiday.
Koululainen87.8.202415.7.202418.7.2024Ready for school! Announcement of the Fair Class competition. 
Koululainen94.9.202412.8.202415.8.2024Hobbies from around the world. The Pet of the Year competition begins. 
Koululainen109.10.202416.9.202419.9.2024Scary Halloween bites. October is all about reading.
Koululainen116.11.202414.10.202417.10.2024Horses and hobby horses. The fascinating world of science.
Koululainen124.12.202411.11.202414.11.2024Koululainen’s jury selected the best games and songs of the year.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Maalla110.1.202414.12.202319.12.2023Lovely flea market finds for a country home. The best flea markets in Finland. Living room lighting.
Maalla27.2.202416.1.202419.1.2024New ideas for a country kitchen. Get inspired by green plants. Spring table setting ideas.
Maalla313.3.202420.2.202423.2.2024Garden dreams: the most interesting plants and planting trends. Ideas for a country home bathroom.
Maalla410.4.202415.3.202420.3.2024Spring outdoors: greenhouses and gazebos. Easy DIY ideas.
Maalla58.5.202415.4.202418.4.2024Summer homes: small cottages, villas. Fresh surface materials and textiles. How to rent your cottage and find a suitable rental cottage.
Maalla65.6.202414.5.202417.5.2024On holiday. Tips for domestic travel. Let’s grill it: introducing barbecues. Tasty food ideas for the barbecue season.
Maalla710.7.202417.6.202420.6.2024I moved to the country: stories of life changes. Summer kitchens and new ideas for terraces. Should I build a pergola?
Maalla814.8.202423.7.202426.7.2024Traditional construction: painting, wallpaper, retro and beautiful in authentic country style.
Maalla911.9.202420.8.202423.8.2024Suitable fireplaces for a country home. Cozy bedroom.
Maalla109.10.202417.9.202420.9.2024Let’s celebrate Christmas in the countryside: rural Christmas DIY and decoration ideas. Make your own wonderful Christmas gifts.
Maalla116.11.202415.10.202418.10.2024A special Joulu Maalla Christmas issue full of atmosphere, fragrances and Christmas homes.

Metsästys ja Kalastus

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Metsästys ja Kalastus13.1.20247.12.202312.12.2023Ice fishing. The ice fishing season is underway throughout the country. We give tips for jigging the lake pike-perch.
Metsästys ja Kalastus27.2.202416.1.202419.1.2024Crow hunt. A report on a crow hunt carried out with a special permit, what kind of tools are available for attracting crows, information on the impact of the crow population on the bird population.
Metsästys ja Kalastus36.3.202413.2.202416.2.2024Travelling off-road. Tips for choosing routes and making a map inquiry in advance. We explain how and when you can drive a motor vehicle off-road.
Metsästys ja Kalastus43.4.20248.3.202413.3.2024Pike fishing. This common, large-growing carnivorous fish is one of angler’s favourite catches. We fish for spring pike in Uusikaupunki and tell about the lures that are suitable for the beginning of the season.
Metsästys ja Kalastus58.5.202415.4.202418.4.2024Hunting and fishing control. We tell about the operation of hunting and fishing control and what a hunting and fishing supervisor does in practice. We review the hunting and fishing regulations and explain what are the key sections for a hunting and fishing enthusiast and why.
Metsästys ja Kalastus65.6.202414.5.202417.5.2024Shooting practice. We test a mobile shooting range in practice, an expert gives tips for long distance shots on game, we explain about the providers of shooting instruction.
Metsästys ja Kalastus73.7.202410.6.202413.6.2024Pike-perch fishing. As the climate and waters become warmer, the pike-perch flourishes even better. Advice on equipping a cottage boat for pike-perch fishing. Tips for catching large pike-perch.
Metsästys ja Kalastus87.8.202416.7.202419.7.2024The opening issue of the hunting season. A report on a forest goose hunt, we tell about the transplantation of greylag geese, information about barnacle geese.
Metsästys ja Kalastus94.9.202413.8.202416.8.2024Bear hunt. We go on a bear hunt in Suomussalmi with the students of the game study programme. Hunting dogs on a bear hunt. Commercial bear hunt.
Metsästys ja Kalastus102.10.202410.9.202413.9.2024Elk hunt. Elk is a popular Finnish game and a traditional target for hunting parties. We tell about elk-hunting and the status of domestic elk populations.
Metsästys ja Kalastus116.11.202415.10.202418.10.2024Game food. The autumn hunting season is the peak season for various game dishes. Expert tips for preparing game meat for food, instructions and advice for the home kitchen.
Metsästys ja Kalastus124.12.202412.11.202415.11.2024Hunting around the world. We go hunting around the world, spectacular reports. We advise on what to take into account and how to anticipate when traveling with a firearm.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Seura13.1.202413.12.202315.12.2023Food: five inexpensive meals with minimal effort. Health: succeed in weight management.
Seura210.1.202420.12.202322.12.2023Health: How to slow down aging. An information package about nutrition, exercise and good sleep.
Seura317.1.202429.12.20233.1.2024Health: help for joint problems and joint pain.
Seura424.1.20248.1.202410.1.2024Health: what helps with skin infections such as erysipelas? Nostalgia trip: Koli.
Seura531.1.202415.1.202417.1.2024Health: help with the scabies and related skin problems. 
Seura67.2.202422.1.202424.1.2024Reading package: sleep and sleeping. Food: easy – quick – nourishing.
Seura714.2.202429.1.202431.1.2024Health: abdominal and bowel problems. Nostalgia trip: Kuopio and Puijo.
Seura821.2.20245.2.20247.2.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being.
Seura928.2.202412.2.202414.2.2024Health: treatment of acute and prolonged colds.
Seura106.3.202419.2.202421.2.2024Food: Egg. Joy for the morning, something hearty for daytime and treats for the evening. Health: renal failure.
Seura1113.3.202426.2.202428.2.2024Health: eye inflammation. Nostalgia trip: Pallas fells.
Seura1220.3.20244.3.20246.3.2024Health: ear infection in an adult, help for pain.
Seura13-1427.3.202411.3.202413.3.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being.
Seura1510.4.202421.3.202425.3.2024Food: escape to summer with the help of fresh and tasty herbs from the shop. Health: help for headaches. Nostalgia trip: Turku. 
Seura1617.4.202428.3.20243.4.2024Health: back pains and problems.
Seura1724.4.20248.4.202410.4.2024Health: what kind of arthritis is gout?
Seura1830.4.202410.4.202415.4.2024Reading package about cottage life. Food: a basket of luck — for a picnic, a friend, or an elderly person’s door. Health: blood donation.
Seura198.5.202419.4.202423.4.2024Health: lower abdominal discomfort, faecal incontinence problems. Nostalgia trip: Lappeenranta.
Seura2015.5.202425.4.202429.4.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being.
Seura2122.5.20243.5.20247.5.2024Health: a bird mite bite.
Seura2229.5.202413.5.202415.5.2024Health: women’s intimate health, information about drying mucous membranes etc.
Seura235.6.202420.5.202422.5.2024Reading package: love at a mature age, changing relationship, hormones. Food: assemble the summer’s most delicious fish buffet from Baltic herring. Health: sun rash and sun protection.
Seura2412.6.202427.5.202429.5.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being. Nostalgia trip: A Hopealinjat cruise in the beautiful scenery of Lake Vanajavesi.
Seura25-2619.6.20243.6.20245.6.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being. When the relationship between adult siblings turns sour.
Seura273.7.202414.6.202418.6.2024Food: barbecue sausages and their new friends. Health: how to maintain fluid balance during summer heat.
Seura2810.7.202424.6.202426.6.2024Health: help with urinary incontinence. Nostalgia trip: Hanko.
Seura2917.7.20241.7.20243.7.2024Health: callouses can be removed at home.
Seura3024.7.20248.7.202410.7.2024Health: abdominal and bowel problems. 
Seura3131.7.202415.7.202417.7.2024Health: easy weight management.
Seura327.8.202422.7.202424.7.2024Food: tasty treats from cabbage and carrot. Health: how to identify inguinal hernia? 
Seura3314.8.202429.7.202431.7.2024Health: a pinched nerve as a cause of nerve pain. Nostalgia trip: Punkaharju.
Seura3421.8.20245.8.20247.8.2024Health: pancreatitis may feel like upper abdominal pain.
Seura3528.8.202412.8.202414.8.2024Health: help for high blood pressure.
Seura364.9.202419.8.202421.8.2024Food: dishes on a baking tray and one pot dishes — easy, delicious and quick. Health: dental health and care.
Seura3711.9.202426.8.202428.8.2024Reading package: saving, food, electricity, stinging. Health: abdominal and bowel well-being Nostalgia trip: Tampere.
Seura3818.9.20242.9.20244.9.2024Health: treatment of the common cold.
Seura3925.9.20249.9.202411.9.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being.
Seura402.10.202416.9.202418.9.2024Food: banish the polar night with breakfast — happiness on a full stomach during the dark times. Health: serious diseases of the stomach.
Seura419.10.202423.9.202425.9.2024Health: surprising causes for lower back pain. Nostalgia trip: Aavasaksa.
Seura4216.10.202430.9.20242.10.2024Health: skin problems and treatments.
Seura4323.10.20247.10.20249.10.2024Reading package: memory and brain.
Seura4430.10.202414.10.202416.10.2024Health: prostate problems and treatments.  
Seura456.11.202421.10.202423.10.2024Food: oops, we have guests — quick, but impressive and tasty festive delicacies. Health: abdominal and bowel problems and treatments.  
Seura4613.11.202428.10.202430.10.2024Health: oral problems and treatments. Nostalgia trip: Kainuu and Suomussalmi.
Seura4720.11.20244.11.20246.11.2024Topical health topic, i.e. health and well-being.
Seura4827.11.202411.11.202413.11.2024Health: identify inflammation, what does CRP tell us?
Seura494.12.202418.11.202420.11.202490th anniversary issue. Reading package: future theme, what will Finland look like in 2034? Food: Christmas cheer for everyone — fast bakes and elaborate dessert dreams. 
Seura5011.12.202422.11.202426.11.2024Health: back problems and treatments. Nostalgia trip: Rovaniemi.
Seura51-5218.12.202429.11.20243.12.2024Health: identify signs of a blood clot.

Seura SuperRistikot

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial
Seura SuperRistikot117.1.202420.12.202327.12.2023
Seura SuperRistikot228.2.20245.2.20248.2.2024
Seura SuperRistikot33.4.20247.3.202412.3.2024
Seura SuperRistikot48.5.202412.4.202417.4.2024
Seura SuperRistikot519.6.202427.5.202430.5.2024
Seura SuperRistikot631.7.20248.7.202411.7.2024
Seura SuperRistikot74.9.202412.8.202415.8.2024
Seura SuperRistikot89.10.202416.9.202419.9.2024
Seura SuperRistikot913.11.202421.10.202424.10.2024
Seura SuperRistikot1011.12.202415.11.202420.11.2024

Suomen Kuvalehti

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Suomen Kuvalehti15.1.202415.12.202319.12.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti212.1.202422.12.202328.12.2023 
Suomen Kuvalehti319.1.20243.1.20245.1.2024Presidential elections
Suomen Kuvalehti426.1.202410.1.202412.1.2024Education. Educa Fair.
Suomen Kuvalehti52.2.202417.1.202419.1.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti69.2.202424.1.202426.1.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti716.2.202431.1.20242.2.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti823.2.20247.2.20249.2.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti91.3.202414.2.202416.2.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti108.3.202421.2.202423.2.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti1115.3.202428.2.20241.3.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti1222.3.20246.3.20248.3.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti13-1428.3.202412.3.202414.3.2024Gourmet: food and wine at Easter.
Suomen Kuvalehti1512.4.202425.3.202427.3.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti1619.4.20243.4.20245.4.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti1726.4.202410.4.202412.4.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti183.5.202416.4.202418.4.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti198.5.202419.4.202423.4.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti2017.5.202429.4.20242.5.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti2124.5.20247.5.202410.5.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti2231.5.202415.5.202417.5.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti237.6.202422.5.202424.5.2024European elections.
Suomen Kuvalehti2414.6.202429.5.202431.5.2024Cultural events in the summer.
Suomen Kuvalehti25-2620.6.20244.6.20246.6.2024Gourmet: food and wine at Midsummer.
Suomen Kuvalehti275.7.202418.6.202420.6.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti2812.7.202426.6.202428.6.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti2919.7.20243.7.20245.7.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti3026.7.202410.7.202412.7.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti312.8.202417.7.202419.7.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti329.8.202424.7.202426.7.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti3316.8.202431.7.20242.8.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti3423.8.20247.8.20249.8.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti3530.8.202414.8.202416.8.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti366.9.202421.8.202423.8.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti3713.9.202428.8.202430.8.2024Movies.
Suomen Kuvalehti3820.9.20244.9.20246.9.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti3927.9.202411.9.202413.9.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti404.10.202418.9.202420.9.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti4111.10.202425.9.202427.9.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti4218.10.20242.10.20244.10.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti4325.10.20249.10.202411.10.2024Autumn’s book selection during the Helsinki Book Fair.
Suomen Kuvalehti441.11.202416.10.202418.10.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti458.11.202423.10.202425.10.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti4615.11.202430.10.20241.11.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti4722.11.20246.11.20248.11.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti4829.11.202413.11.202415.11.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti495.12.202419.11.202421.11.2024A compilation of the best books of the year.
Suomen Kuvalehti5013.12.202426.11.202428.11.2024 
Suomen Kuvalehti51-5219.12.20242.12.20244.12.2024Gourmet: food and wine at Christmas.

Tekniikan Maailma

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Tekniikan Maailma128.12.20235.12.202311.12.2023A look at the car year 2024, including the most significant car innovations. Car comparison.
Tekniikan Maailma211.1.202418.12.202321.12.2023Comparison of the most interesting new TVs.
Tekniikan Maailma325.1.20245.1.202410.1.2024Operation test of the Honda CB750 Hornet motorcycle. An overview of the development of music technology.
Tekniikan Maailma415.2.202426.1.202431.1.2024TM’s great winter car comparison, part 1: cars with internal combustion engine.
Tekniikan Maailma57.3.202416.2.202421.2.2024TM’s great winter car comparison, part 2: all-electric cars.
Tekniikan Maailma621.3.20241.3.20246.3.2024Comparison: summer tyres 2024.
Tekniikan Maailma711.4.202420.3.202425.3.2024Comparison of a topical wheel group.
Tekniikan Maailma825.4.20245.4.202410.4.2024A guide for buying a car. What’s new in the development of medical technology?
Tekniikan Maailma916.5.202424.4.202429.4.2024Comparison of the most interesting new phones.
Tekniikan Maailma1030.5.202410.5.202415.5.2024Comparison of an interesting topical car group.
Tekniikan Maailma1119.6.202430.5.20244.6.2024Home and kitchen technology. Testing the technology of building a smart home and a smart yard.
Tekniikan Maailma124.7.202413.6.202418.6.2024A great car comparison for the summer. An overview of the development of energy technology.
Tekniikan Maailma1318.7.202428.6.20243.7.2024Comparison of new motorcycles of the season.
Tekniikan Maailma141.8.202412.7.202417.7.2024Comparison: joint Nordic sports car comparison.
Tekniikan Maailma1515.8.202426.7.202431.7.2024Comparison of a topical group of electric bicycles.
Tekniikan Maailma165.9.202416.8.202421.8.2024Student electronics. Self-driving cars.
Tekniikan Maailma1719.9.202430.8.20244.9.2024Tool novelties in the test. Different technologies for measuring oneself.
Tekniikan Maailma183.10.202413.9.202418.9.2024Comparison: winter tyres 2024 — friction and studded tyres.
Tekniikan Maailma1917.10.202427.9.20242.10.2024Comparison of a topical car group. An overview of the development of space technology.
Tekniikan Maailma207.11.202418.10.202423.10.2024Great camera comparison. Ski comparison.
Tekniikan Maailma2121.11.20241.11.20246.11.2024Audio comparison. Comparison of AI services.
Tekniikan Maailma2212.12.202421.11.202426.11.2024A topical bicycle comparison. Editors’ tips for the best Christmas gifts.

TM Rakennusmaailma

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
TM Rakennusmaailma124.1.20242.1.20245.1.2024Guide to power tools: market-class package, mid-price package, professional package.
TM Rakennusmaailma221.2.212430.1.20242.2.2024Sheds and outhouses. Inexpensive DIY builds from pallets, comparing to different ready-made packages available in shops.
TM Rakennusmaailma320.3.202427.2.20241.3.2024Renovation extra: painting and wallpapering, floor coverings.
TM Rakennusmaailma424.4.20242.4.20245.4.2024Yard, garden and balcony. A low-budget, easy-to-maintain yard. How to make a lush paradise on the balcony. 
TM Rakennusmaailma522.5.202426.4.20242.5.2024Cottages and holiday homes. Comparison of a luxury cottage in Nuuksio and a basic cottage in Kainuu. An overview of the cottages for sale.
TM Rakennusmaailma626.6.20243.6.20246.6.2024Introducing the most popular modular houses. How to choose a modular house.
TM Rakennusmaailma714.8.202423.7.202426.7.2024Extensive price overview of construction materials.
TM Rakennusmaailma811.9.202420.8.202423.8.2024How to save electricity. Easy apps and devices.
TM Rakennusmaailma99.10.202417.9.202420.9.2024Lighting theme: atmosphere and energy saving with smart lights, as well as various garden lights.
TM Rakennusmaailma106.11.202415.10.202418.10.2024Prospects for construction for 2025.
TM Rakennusmaailma1127.11.20245.11.20248.11.2024The best Christmas gifts for builders and renovators.
TM Rakennusmaailma1218.12.202425.11.202428.11.2024The new Building Act will enter into force in 2025. What does the environmental report of a detached house builder mean in practice.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterial

Vauhdin Maailma

MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Vauhdin Maailma122.1.20242.1.20245.1.2024The racing season begins. The starting points of the Finnish Championship and World Championship series. Main focus on the World Championship series.
Vauhdin Maailma212.2.202422.1.202425.1.2024F1 advance issue: tracks, teams and drivers.
Vauhdin Maailma311.3.202419.2.202422.2.2024Starting points for the MotoGP season.
Vauhdin Maailma415.4.202421.3.202426.3.2024First characterisations of the F1 season: successes and failures.
Vauhdin Maailma527.5.20246.5.202410.5.2024The domestic track season starts. How can you get a new boost in your racing hobby?
Vauhdin Maailma61.7.202410.6.202414.6.2024Drifting — guaranteed impressiveness.
Vauhdin Maailma729.7.20248.7.202411.7.2024Advance issue of the World Rally Championship in Finland.
Vauhdin Maailma826.8.20245.8.20248.8.2024The events of the World Rally Championship in Finland and interesting measurement results.
Vauhdin Maailma916.9.202426.8.202429.8.2024Decisive moments and backgrounds of domestic championships.
Vauhdin Maailma1028.10.20247.10.202410.10.2024Decisive moments of the World Rally Championship and F1.
Vauhdin Maailma119.12.202415.11.202420.11.2024TOP 10 ranking of domestic motorsport sports. 


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Vene13.1.20245.12.202311.12.2023Sailing gear and new electronics overview.
Vene27.2.202415.1.202418.1.2024Trade fair issue. The ultimate comparison of small boats: Yamarin 46 SC, Suvi 50 Duo, Bella 485R, AMT 165 R.
Vene36.3.202412.2.202415.2.2024Comparison of non-toxic antifouling paints, part 2. How did the second season go with the new paints.
Vene43.4.20247.3.202412.3.2024Opening of the boating season, sea patrols’ tips for peculiar natural harbours.
Vene58.5.202412.4.202417.4.2024Sailing race issue. Sailing is Finland’s success sport at the Olympics, let’s take a look at the racing yachts.
Vene65.6.202413.5.202416.5.2024Overview of domestic harbours. What’s new and which old ones are worth visiting again.
Vene73.7.20247.6.202412.6.2024Up-to-date boat comparison.
Vene87.8.202415.7.202418.7.2024Highlights of the Helsinki Uiva exhibition.
Vene94.9.202412.8.202415.8.2024Autumn care issue.
Vene102.10.20249.9.202412.9.2024Up-to-date equipment comparison in cooperation with Kippari.
Vene116.11.202414.10.202417.10.2024Globetrotter theme issue, the experiences of the round-the-world sailors.
Vene124.12.202411.11.202414.11.2024Boating destinations abroad.


MediaIssuePublishing dateReservationMaterialSpecial theme
Viva13.1.20247.12.202312.12.2023Savings tips for single household. Readers’ best savings tips. Bold solutions for senior living. Breathing stalls – what is it about? Make cleaning your home easier with new tools.
Viva231.1.20249.1.202412.1.2024This is how I found a friend. Improve your pension. How do I avoid data security pitfalls? Control your back pain.
Viva36.3.202413.2.202416.2.2024Cherish the old. Prevent osteoporosis, strengthen your bones. Make a senior’s home safe. Know the widow’s rights and responsibilities.
Viva43.4.20248.3.202413.3.2024Life change extra. How to get in the best shape you have ever been. Are weight loss pills right for me? Keep health costs moderate. Improve and cool the indoor air in your home.
Viva52.5.20249.4.202412.4.2024Strength from the family. Alleviate arrhythmias. Should I rent a party outfit? How to sensibly assist your loved ones financially.
Viva65.6.202414.5.202417.5.2024Roots on countryside. How do you make dental implants last? Find your way with a navigator or map apps.
Viva73.7.202410.6.202413.6.2024Love wins. We became a cohabiting couple: how do I secure my money? Keep your mucous membranes healthy.
Viva87.8.202416.7.202419.7.2024New beginnings. From couch potato to outdoor person. How to cut insurance and banking costs.
Viva94.9.202413.8.202416.8.2024Back to the 60s. Good treatment for glaucoma. Store important papers wisely.
Viva102.10.202410.9.202413.9.2024Retirement extra. What changes are coming? This is how the pension is taxed. Relief from flatulence.
Viva116.11.202415.10.202418.10.2024Make your dreams come true. Living with insomnia. Help for restless legs.
Viva124.12.202412.11.202415.11.2024Life after a loss. Swallowing hurts, is it Parkinson’s disease? Save money and nerves when clearing the estate.