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Vauhdin Maailma is the main supporter and leading expert of motorsport in Finland. If it has an engine and races, it belongs to Vauhdin Maailma. VM not only contains simply the race reports, but the magazine is focused on the background of the events and phenomena. It is with a level of expertise that can only be found in Vauhdin Maailma. When others tell you what happened, VM tells and explains why exactly this happened. VM is also a substantial information package presenting the competition equipment of different sports through test runs and technical articles.

Since 1965, VM has been at the pit and next to the pit in rallies, formula races, Imatranajo, enduro races, rally sprints, boat races, car orienteering, drifting, and many, many others. Vauhdin Maailma appears 11 times per year.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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