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Kotiliesi offers ideas and inspiration for women, from grandmothers to granddaughters. Food, health, housing, gardening, and handicrafts are the specialties of Finland’s oldest magazine brand. Kotiliesi.fi is one of the largest magazine websites in Finland. It reaches Finnish women of all ages, 21.5 per cent of whom are aged 20-34. Kotiliesi is the number one independent media about food online.

The print issue of Kotiliesi alternates between wonderful lifestyle topics: housing, cottages, gardens, and homemaking. There is always a big package about health, issues of interest for the target group, nostalgia, peer stories, and cultural tips. Kotiliesi is printed 26 times per year.

Kotiliesi’s digital magazine can be found at kotiliesi.fi. It is also home to Finland’s most popular baking blog Suklaapossu. The Kotiliesi.fi website contains the popular lifestyle brands Maalla, Deko, and Kotiliesi Käsityö. Kotiliesi can be found on the biggest social media channels and on Facebook it has its own handicraft and food groups. The Kotiliesi newsletter is sent to about 20,000 subscribers five times a week.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy, online visitors FIAM Audience Project August/2023, Piano Insight August/2023 (duration).


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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy, online visitors FIAM Audience Project August/2023.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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