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Parnasso is at the same time both a timeless and topical literary magazine, which tells about what is fresh in the classics and what is enduring in the new. Reflected articles that penetrate under the surface foam make the reader feel that this magazine appreciates their ability to think. Parnasso is written by Finland’s best writers and literary professionals, who offer readers nearly 200 expert book reviews a year and shed light on the background of the turmoil and phenomena associated with the book industry, present the authors, and open up the most rewarding literary discussions – not forgetting the sharp top columnists.

Parnasso is a magazine for readers and all professionals who are passionate about literature. The reader stays up to date on the literary discussion. A solid review department and sharp columns tell what is going on in literature right now. Carefully weighed essays sift through the most interesting classics, poems and short stories published in the magazine also show the direction in which literature is headed. Parnasso appears 6 times per year.

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