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In its pages, Seura offers weekly – and at, daily –  diverse reading material for both women and men: high-quality topical articles and reports, as well as relaxing entertainment, true stories, history, science and nature, travel and food articles all within one cover. Seura’s readers are particularly interested in health and well-being, cooking, science and nature, baking, recipes, nature and hiking, literature and culture, travel, holiday cottages and gardening. They enjoy reading the magazine for a full 78 minutes, and also have a positive attitude towards commercial messages. readers are urban dwellers of an active age, who are hooked on the magazine’s well-researched articles on society, politics, the economy, events, topical issues, stories about ordinary people and health. also contains reliable health and beauty articles by Kotilääkäri (home doctor) and Viva’s articles on retirement, the economy and domestic technology.

Lehden kansikuva


Overall reach* 357 000

Seura magazine

  • Readers 319 000
  • Encounter contacts ** 490 000
  • Reading time (min) 74

  • Number of visitors, total (net) / month 223 000
  • Number of visitors, desktop / month 66 000
  • Number of visitors, mobile / month 162 000
  • Duration of visit (min) 2,3
  • Page views / visit (average) 1,4

Source: KMT AL + total 2017, Kantar TNS Oy, FIAM – ComScore MMX MP, April 2018, 6+/mobile 15+.

* Overall reach = Net sum of readers of an average number of the printed magazine and the weekly visitors in the digital versions.

** Encounter contacts = Number of eye contacts received by an average page of the magazine (the figure takes into account how many times the readers re-read the magazine and how large a portion of the magazine they read).


Reader profile

Visitor profile

Source: KMT AL + total 2017, Kantar TNS Oy, FIAM – ComScore MMX MP, April 2018, 6+/mobile 15+.


Interests of readers

Seura's readers are especially interested in following topics
Index figures: Finns’ interest in the topic on average= 100

Source: Atlas survey 1-12/2017