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Understanding nature is essential whenever visiting the wilderness. Metsästys ja Kalastus tells about the current phenomena for the hobbies of each season. Modern hunters and anglers use many methods and different gear. Readers are passionate about their hobby and invest time and money in equipment and trips. Metsästys ja Kalastus experiments, compares, and measures tools and gear, and provides readers with useful information that is objective and proven. Wilderness stories and pictures from the readers are a strong part of Metsästys ja Kalastus.

Metsästys ja Kalastus is the longest-running publication in the field, made by the best experts in the field all over Finland. In addition to the magazine, websites and social media are reaching growing audiences well. Metsästys ja Kalastus appears 12 times per year. You can find the website at

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy, online visitors FIAM Audience Project August/2023 and Piano Insight (duration).


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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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