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Erä is Finland’s biggest fishing and outdoor magazine. The readers trek, hike, fish and lead an active outdoor life. They can be experienced Lapland wanderers or people who make day trips to the national parks of Southern Finland. The main thing is to enjoy nature and get experiences. Among the readers you will reach the broadest network of amateur fishers in Finland. The readers range from those after giant pikes to leisurely fly-fishers – people who are proud to delight their friends with new fish dishes. On Eralehti.fi outdoor and fishing enthusiasts can find lots of reading of this field: tests, fishing, camping, hiking, just name it.

Lehden kansikuva


Overall reach* 188 000

Erä magazine

  • Readers 182 000
  • Encounter contacts ** 332 000
  • Reading time (min) 61


  • Number of visitors, total (net) / month 47 000
  • Number of visitors, desktop / month 19 000
  • Number of visitors, mobile / month 30 000
  • Duration of visit (min) 2,8
  • Page views / visit (average) 3,5

Source: KMT AL + total  2017, Kantar TNS Oy, FIAM – ComScore MMX MP, February 2018, 6+/mobile 15+

* Overall reach = Net sum of readers of an average number of the printed magazine and the weekly visitors in the digital versions.

** Encounter contacts = Number of eye contacts received by an average page of the magazine (the figure takes into account how many times the readers re-read the magazine and how large a portion of the magazine they read).


Reader profile

Visitor profile

Source: KMT AL + total  2017, Kantar TNS Oy, FIAM – ComScore MMX MP, February 2018, 6+/mobile 15+.

Interests of readers

Erä's readers are especially interested in following topics
Index figures: Finns’ interest in the topic on average= 100

Source: Atlas survey 1-12/2017