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Golflehti is Finland’s biggest sports magazine, whose readers consider golf to be the best spare time activity. Golflehti is read very actively, and the advertisements have a high awareness rate. Golflehti’s readers have purchasing power and are well-educated. Typical readers are executives or senior officers, who are often in charge of purchases in the company they represent. They excercise other sports as well. is the leading online service and main source of information for golf players in Finland. Plenty of journalistic content is published on the website daily, and the digital version of Golflehti can also be read there. The trading section of is a forum for buying and selling e.g. shares, playing rights, and golf equipment.

Lehden kansikuva


Overall reach* 122 000

Golf magazine

  • Readers 114 000
  • Encounter contacts ** 154 000
  • Reading time (min) 41

  • Number of visitors, total (net) / month 108 000
  • Number of visitors, desktop / month 29 000
  • Number of visitors, mobile / month 81 000
  • Duration of visit (min) 2,5
  • Page views / visit (average) 2,6

Source: KMT AL + total Autumn 2017/Spring 2018, Kantar TNS Oy, FIAM – ComScore MMX, June 2018, 6+/mobile 15+.

* Overall reach = Net sum of readers of an average number of the printed magazine and the weekly visitors in the digital versions.

** Encounter contacts = Number of eye contacts received by an average page of the magazine (the figure takes into account how many times the readers re-read the magazine and how large a portion of the magazine they read).


Reader profile

Visitor profile

Source: KMT AL + total Autumn/Spring 2018 Kantar TNS Oy, FIAM – ComScore MMX MP, June8, 6+/mobile 15+

Interests of readers

Golflehti's readers are especially interested in following topics
Index figures: Finns’ interest in the topic on average= 100

Source: KMT AL + total Autumn/Spring 2018 Kantar TNS Oy

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