Life Is Meant to Be Enjoyed 

Viva is for Finnish senior citizens, and dares to discuss difficult matters frankly but in a warm-hearted way. Viva encourages its readers to enjoy life and their new freedom. Viva appreciates its experienced readers who are active people and can invest in their quality of life in many ways, also financially. The readers like travel and culture, read a lot, take good care of their health, cherish their human relations and take care of their loved ones.

Lehden kansikuva


Overall reach* 86 000

Viva magazine

  • Readers 85 000
  • Encounter contacts * 112 000
  • Reading time (min) 77

Source: KMT AL + total 2017, Kantar TNS Oy

* Encounter contacts = Number of eye contacts received by an average page of the magazine (the figure takes into account how many times the readers re-read the magazine and how large a portion of the magazine they read).


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Source: KMT AL + total 2017, Kantar TNS Oy

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