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Kotiliesi Käsityö is the most Finnish handicraft magazine in Finland. As the only craft media, it offers a fully Finnish sewing collection with a wide size palette (from 32 to 50). Renowned designers are among the best in Finland. In addition, the magazine regularly features fashionable XL models (from size 44 to size 56). Kotiliesi Käsityö offers challenges for sewing and knitting enthusiasts of all levels — beginners and experts alike. Each issue has instructions for quick and easy socks and accessories, as well as instructions for children. There is always a nostalgia pattern from the past decades, modified to this day. Kotiliesi Käsityö keeps readers up to date with the latest in handicraft trends and provides reliable instructions — always. 

Kotiliesi Käsityö publishes 6 issues per year in addition to which lots of content is published online at Kotiliesi Käsityö.

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