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In every issue, Kotiliesi Käsityö offers more than 50 sets of instructions for readers interested in handicraft and fashion. The sewing pattern collection is a wardrobe tailored to Finnish women by Finnish designers, and contains the broadest collection of sizes in the country (34-56). In addition, it always contains a separate plus size collection. The Sewing School teaches handy working methods for beginners and experienced sewing enthusiasts. In addition to the outfits, the knitwear collection includes interior ideas and small, one-evening outfits. A reader of Kotiliesi Käsityö is a passionate handicraft enthusiast who is also interested in trends, novelties, materials and tools.

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Kotiliesi Käsityö

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Source: National Readership Survey 2021, Kantar Oy.


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Source: National Readership Survey 2021, Kantar Oy.

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Source: National Readership Survey 2021, Kantar Oy.

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