IT, Games, Gear, Movies – Bring It On! is the biggest website focusing on information technology, mobile devices, games and movies in Finland and also includes the MuroBBS discussion forum. The users of the service are mainly young adult males who are particularly interested in technology and its latest development. Many of them use the service daily. The topics of Muropaketti also serve the public at large regarding new mobile devices, games and movies.

The MuroBBS discussion forum is an active community gathered around information technology which discusses a wide range of topics every day: wrist watches and restaurants are compared as naturally as computer components and televisions. Those consumers are ready to invest in high quality when they make purchases. MuroBBS also offers an excellent platform when you need testers for your product or service.


652 000

  • Number of visitors, total (net) / month 703 000
  • Number of visitors, desktop / month 254 000
  • Number of visitors, mobile / month 493 000
  • Duration of visit (min) 2,5
  • Page views / visit (average) 2,4

Source: FIAM – ComScore MMX, December 2018, 6+/mobile 15+.


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Source: FIAM – ComScore MMX, December 2018, 6+/mobiili 15+.

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Source: Atlas surveys 1-12/2017