Games, phones, information technology, films – just name it is the biggest website focusing on gaming, mobile devices, information technology and films in Finland and also includes the MuroBBS discussion forum at the heart of it. The content of Muropaketti consists of news, test articles and product reviews. Different types of native campaigns complement the editorial content perfectly.

The users of the service are mainly young adult men who are clearly higher than average interested in gaming and information technology. The topics on Muropaketti not only serve the enthusiasts in that field but also the general public, whether it is for gaming, mobile devices, films or computers.

More information for users is provided by MuroBBS, which discusses a wide range of topics every day, ranging from restaurants to wrist watches and game controls to new smartphones. The forum also provides a great platform when you are looking for testers for your product or service.



  • Number of visitors, desktop / month 176 000
  • Number of visitors, mobile / month 489 000
  • Duration of visit (min) 2,2
  • Page views / visit (average) 1,7

Source: FIAM – ComScore MMX, December 2019,  6+/mobile 15+.


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Source: FIAM – ComScore MMX, December 2019,  6+/mobile 15+. 

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