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In every issue, Kotiliesi Käsityö offers multiple sets of instructions for readers interested in handicraft and fashion. The sewing pattern collection is a wardrobe tailored to Finnish women by Finnish designers, and contains the broadest collection of sizes in the country (32-50). In addition, every other issue contains a separate plus size collection (44-56). The Sewing School teaches handy working methods for beginners and experienced sewing enthusiasts. In addition to the outfits, the knitwear collection includes interior ideas and small, one-evening outfits. A reader of Kotiliesi Käsityö is a passionate handicraft enthusiast who is also interested in trends, novelties, materials and tools.

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Kotiliesi Käsityö

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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.


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Source: National Readership Survey 2022, Kantar Oy.

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